• Materiaal: 100% polyester(Återvunnet)
  • Waterbestendig
  • Ademend ontwerp
  • Waterproof rating - 6000-10000 mm
  • Machinewas bij koel programma op max. 30˚C. Halfvolle machine is aanbevolen.
Product informatie

Packed with warm yet lightweight Primaloft® Gold Eco insulation, the Stranda Insulated Pants offer unparalleled performance on the slopes. Suitable for use throughout the season in changeable conditions, these masterful ski trousers are baggy yet functional and offer a comfortable fit that moves with you as you ski. Fully waterproof and breathable, they'll keep the weather out and the warmth in while moving sweat away from your body to maintain your core body temperature. Part of the Stranda collection that is made from one yarn, they have been coloured through the SpinDye® process that uses a minimal amount of water and chemicals to create products with a smaller carbon footprint.

Bluesign certificatiesysteem
Het Zwitserse bluesign certificatiesysteem richt zich op de veiligheid van de consument en het milieu. Het onderzoekt het gebruik van natuurlijke hulpbronnen en chemicaliën bij de productie van textiel.
Over het merk
Outdoor equipment for pioneers throughout a century of adventures. Bergans of Norway has been driven by dedicated and passionate outdoor enthusiasts for over a century. We introduced and patented the backpack as we know it today, an invention famous polar explorers such as Amundsen and Scott recognized and used on their expeditions. No other manufacturer of outdoor equipment can match our experience in polar exploration – or our ambition to share this legacy with today’s adventurers. Founded in 1908, Bergans has played a major role in Norwegian outdoor life for more than a century.


Stranda Ins Pnt - Kleding



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