BLS Hafnia

Cannes Shoulder Bag - Schoudertassen

54 €


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  • Materiaal: 100% polyester
  • Dustbag: Nee
  • Afmetingen: 19 x 14 x 4 cm
Over het merk
BLS HAFNIA is a Copenhagen-based clothing brand, established in 2011 by Besnik Miftari. He wanted a minimalistic contemporary brand with a focus on headwear. The idealistic mind-set has always been to supply people with products that have the perfect fit and are comfortable enough to wear every day. The identity is a mix of Scandinavian minimalism, utilitarianism and Italian sport. The BLS Hafnia collection has grown into a full clothing collection with several capsules and collaborations with international as well as Scandinavian brands. Prominent fashion influencers, musicians and athletes have worn our garments. More unique products have been added to the archives every season. We are working with the philosophy of giving high-end quality and design at medium prices, while staying true to our 
visual identity. The headwear is a defining part of our core DNA. It’s where our first truly creative design came to life through choice of fabrics, patterns and trimmings. Headwear is one of the things we did differently right from our start in 2011. Being different in headwear design is complex, we had to make our own panel shapes and patterns to break out of the industry’s stagnant old ways. This different approach has been a huge factor in us collaborating with a wide range of brands and artists worldwide.
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