Eerlijk geproduceerdEerlijk geproduceerd
  • Pasvorm: Classic/ Regular
  • Materiaal: 100% katoen
  • Fijnwas op max. 40˚C
  • Lengte voorzijde: 82 cm
  • Lengte achterzijde: 80 cm
BCI: Better Cotton Initiative ™
Cotton made in collaboration with the Better Cotton Initiative organization that exists to make global cotton production more sustainable by teaching local farmers to reduce the use of chemicals and water. By choosing this, you are supporting the transition to better cotton practices.
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The Carin Wester brand is a forerunner in young Scandinavian design, oozing playfulness with bold colours and patterns, truly embodying the culture of “democratic-coolness”.

Carin Wester

TORI - Overshirts


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