PUMA® She Moves Us

One of our favourite brands, PUMA, has launched a campaign that is bringing together its top female brand ambassadors to celebrate the women who have moved culture and sports forward to inspire other women around the world. 


Led by global pop superstar Dua Lipa, and also including - among others - supermodel Winnie Harlow and model and activist Cara Delevingne, and PUMA athletes suchs as WNBA star Skylar Diggins-Smith and footballer Nikita Parris. PUMA is generating inspiring content over this year with talks, videos and interviews with its female ambassadors, telling the story of how they were inspired to become who they are today, the women who helped them, how they overcame challenges in their personal lives and careers and how they made it to the top in their respective fields. This is all guided by the theme ‘SHE MOVES US’. 

Because PUMA’s ‘SHE MOVES US’ is a movement of women celebrating women, we wanted to celebrate our own so we gathered two local power-women, Carla Mickelborg and Jeanette Ottesen, with each of their ‘SHE MOVES US’ philosophy, to host two beautiful events in Copenhagen, Inviting Danish women of all kinds who inspire and make a difference in each other’s lives. A selection of guests were chosen from Carla’s and Jeanette’s followers on Instagram, and the followers were invited to nominate a woman that inspired them and to share their story with the two ambassadors. 




Olympic swimmer and Mum


We -  together with PUMA - chose Jeanette as our second SHE MOVES US woman because of her great achievements in her professional swimming career, combining this with being a full-time mum and showing the world that everything is possible if you fight and don’t give up, no matter the challenges life brings you. 


Jeanette's SHE MOVES US woman: A few years ago Jeanette met Mirja by chance because her daughter Billie-Mai was becoming best friends with Mirja’s daughter. At first they were both a bit sceptical “Who was she and what do I do?”, but they ended up becoming the best of friends. Jeanette is very inspired by Mirja because of her way of juggling between job and kids.

Anne Ostergaard


Diagnosed with sclerosis last year Anne was deeply unhappy but decided to not let the disease define her. On May 1st last year, the day she was diagnosed, she decided to set herself a goal to run, to keep her body healthy. Her friend Lea was immediately there for her. She did not run but she supported Anne and together they set the goal to do a half marathon. They dragged each other through the kilometres. It was an emotional journey on the runs as it was so tough, but they laughed and talked their way through it. On April 3rd, they both ran a half marathon. It was Lea’s first and Anne’s third, but it was a good 22 kilometres even though Anne is a critically ill single mother and student. 

Luna Lova & Lotte Lova

Luna is very inspired by her older sister Lotte, because of her ability to help and guide in difficult situations. She always makes sure that Luna is the one making the tough choices - and in that way adding both self esteem and personal development to Luna’s life. In addition, Lotte works daily as a mentor and inspirer, where she helps women with personal and spiritual development. 

“Women are already nailing it across the board and celebrating their achievements is exciting and empowering. It also encourages those rising up to aim for the stars. That’s why I’m so grateful to PUMA for including me in their She Moves Us campaign. Now let’s show the world what we are capable of!” 

– Dua Lipa



Entrepreneur, Author & Influencer


We - together with PUMA - chose Carla as one of our SHE MOVES US women because of her dedication to inspire and help women accept who they are, who make peace with themselves and follow their heart. It is such an important philosophy, and we wanted to celebrate that. 


Carla’s SHE MOVES US woman: A year ago Carla started running with Ninni Kjaer @ninikjaer, a Danish yoga teacher three times a week. She had a hard time motivating herself to run in the beginning, so she found running with her friend the best motivation. Now, a year after, they are still running three times a week, and during these morning-runs, they also find space to discuss the ups and downs in their lives, supporting- and inspiring each other.

Three SHE MOVES US stories from the events

Wilma Verner


Wilma is very inspired by her grandmother as she reminds her and shows her what a good life is. She shows her who and what is important to hold on to. Wilma finds that, despite the age difference, she can mirror herself in her grandmother and learn from her many life experiences. She inspires her with her colourful action-packed life with tennis, folk highschool, LaSanta rides and so much more. She helps guide Wilma in the right direction.

Image credits: Molly Gronberg @mollgronberg.

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