The clock is ticking down to the biggest shopping event of the year, and team Boozt have been adding investment pieces to their wish lists in anticipation. To offer some Black Friday inspiration they share the products they’ll be adding to cart. Get ready to make your own list from the department store that is Boozt!

“This Black Friday I am hoping to treat myself to Houdini’s famous Up Jacket! It’s a great insulation jacket as I spend so much time outdoors and the fact that it’s made from recycled and recyclable fabrics, means that when it’s time for me to buy a new jacket in years to come, Houdini will take my old one back and turn it into a new product for someone else! So good.”

“This year I will finally invest in a long-time dream interior piece of mine, the Swedish modern design classic Elflugan that’s finally live on Boozt. With its 19 small lamps and its clean design, it will bring a stylish yet cosy touch to my living room window.” 

“I really need to luxe up my bag situation, and this one ticks all the boxes in style and practicality. I love the fact that it’s made from non-toxic and recyclable leather. I can’t wait to add it to my cart.”

Our Black Friday Wish List

“I’ve been looking for a cozy jacket to prepare for the upcoming winter, but I haven’t found anything like the Resteröds Zip Fleece Jacket. The balance and good quality made me choose it”.

I’ve been lusting after a Annie Table Sesame from SMALLrevolution for months, they’re playful, fun and add personality to any room, plus the added bonus of being made from recyclable plastic.

"I sometimes wish that life was more like a movie or a music video, so these sequin panties are on my wish list. I see myself jumping around in a hotel bed with music playing, kinda like the slumber party scene from Grease. Life is too short, live and laugh and enjoy every moment!"

I’ve had my eyes on this STOFF Nagel candle holder for my dining room table. It’s so smart that you can shape and extend it to your liking. I think it will be great for festive dinners at home.

“On my wishlist I have this toilet bag from Maanesten. It’s such a good size to fit everything in and it will look like a gem in my bathroom. I love that it’s made of sustainable materials so it's definitely the perfect gift for me.”

“I´ve had my share of shoes from Hugo, who combine the office look with the more relaxed style, always being comfortable and with a fashionable edge. This one will go into my bag!”

“I’ve decided to really treat myself this year for Black Friday so I will do this by adding an amazing serum from Bioeffect to my skincare routine.”

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