The ultimate spring trend guide 
– don’t miss out!

Isn’t it time to hang the winter coat in the wardrobe and fully focus on all the awaiting spring and summer fashion? We have singled out five fun and unmissable trends and gathered smart styling tips – everything you need to mix them into your existing wardrobe ASAP. Good, isn’t it? Here you go, this season’s ultimate trend guide!

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Let’s wake up those spring feelings! The best way of doing that is to put the winter wardrobe behind us and fully focus on all the lovely spring arrivals! How about oversized jackets, sporty materials and white shades? Regardless of if you are looking to update your wardrobe with some of our many new arrivals or just want to know what’s trending right now – don’t miss our big trend guide for this season!

In the world of fashion, strong voices are claiming that the last few years of compromised living and adjustment have made traditional trends a thing of the past. Perhaps they are right? Because it surely has been ages since fashion offered up this much variety in just one season. The overall feeling is flirty, happy, brave, and fierce – all in a lovely mix of cocky confidence and feminine grace. Strong colors, graphical combinations or natural shades – there is something for everyone. In other words, stop limiting yourself this season! Show off your personality and don’t be afraid to shine bright. This spring we are finally cutting loose from all the restrictions – at least when it comes to fashion and your wardrobe. Here are our top picks for this spring season!

Hippie hippie hurray!

This season’s most retrospective trend finds lots of inspiration from the chic Laurel Canyon kids of the 70’s. Think bohemia deluxe, flared legs, tie dye, psychedelic patterns and vibrant colors of crochet. For the right feel channel your inner hippie, feel the love for life and embrace the 70’s ”joie de vivre” spirit. If you’re not fully ready to convert to the hippie lifestyle just yet, choose flared jeans, a lace blouse and add a vest for the right relaxed bohemian feel.

Pump up the volume

Larger-than-life, comfortable silhouettes has been a wardrobe staple for a while now – and luckily it will be on the fashion cards for even longer. This spring we add volume both top and bottom. Oversize jackets are key, combined with wide-legged trousers or a long skirt with lots of volume. The bigger the better! A simple way to add this trend to your own wardrobe is by choosing XL tops and skinny bottoms – or the other way around!

Less is more

Minimalists – look this way! We have something for you too, of course. All shades of white are simple and clean but at the same time one of the boldest choices you can make right now. Aim for the classic “less is more” here. If you’re not entirely comfortable with light shades both top and bottom, go for a sharp graphical look and combine the light shades with beige, grey and/or black for a trendy, clean feel.

Color popping

Do you like to shine bright and express your personality with color and pattern? ‘Tis the season! We can look forward to an explosion of bold colors and imaginative combinations. One single color from top to bottom or a mix of all the colors of the rainbow – the sky is the limit! If you prefer a more toned-down look, choose a few key garments in strong colors and combine them with more classic colors. A color-popping knitted jumper is the perfect match to denim or more classical suit trousers. 

Sporty spice

Most of us have been living in comfortable loungewear for ages now, and we are not ready to let go of our comfy besties just yet. Luckily, the fashion elite seem to be of the same opinion (thanks for that!) and we find sporty influences with almost all the big designers. Everything from proper workout wear to sporty materials, college jumpers and loose fit will be our go-tos when we seek comfort. If you don’t want to go all in, combine your everyday wardrobe with a few more sporty details. Workout leggings, an oversized t-shirt and a jacket or a college jumper combined with wide-legged trousers are perfect outfits this spring!

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