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  • 60% virgin wol, 23% katoen, 15% polyamide, 2% elastane
  • Fijnwas op max. 30˚C
  • Gefabriceerd in Duitsland
Product informatie

Comfortable elegance in these high-quality socks from Falke.

  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Climate regulating Merino wool outside
  • Perfect fit

About the brand
FALKE is committed to developing stylish fashions for modern people, fashions of top quality, style and perfection. This calls for a sensitive and forward-looking approach to current trends, the courage to help shape the zeitgeist. In other words, to be different. Each and every detail deserves to be perfected, with expertise and passion. Falke has been working passionately to achieve that perfection for more than 100 years.


Airport KH - Kousen


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