• Pasvorm: Regular
  • Materiaal: Binnenvoering: 97% polyester, 3% elastane
  • Materiaal: Buitenmateriaal: 43% katoen, 42% polyester, 10% metaal, 5% elastane
  • Fijnwas op max. 30˚C
  • Lengte achterzijde: 89 cm
Over het merk
Gestuz is known for its effortless elegance and standout silhouettes. Gestuz masters the art of clean, contemporary lines in beautiful textures. Founded in 2008 by Sanne Sehested, the brand taps into the core of the covetable modern female wardrobe with statement coats, perfect leather pieces and cool separates.


ToroGZ blazer YE20 - Colberts


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