• Materiaal: gold plated
  • Kabelketting
  • Afmetingen: 6 mm
Product informatie

PRIMA DONNA is a adjustable bracelet from Izabel Camille's Prima Donna collection. Made with gold-plated sterling silver with a small round bevelled dark aqua pendant. The bracelet is a part of the PRIMA DONNA collection consisting of pendants, earrings, stud earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.Simple and stylish bracelet- Beautiful alone or combined with other Izabel Camille bracelets for a more personal look- Light and feminine chain bracelet with a nice dark aqua colored crystal glass.

Over het merk
Izabel Camille is a feminine universe of jewellery with a touch of Nordic glamour wrapped in high quality silver and gemstones. The design expression is exclusive and sophisticated with a reflection of simple elegance inspired by a mix of Scandinavian Midsummer light and colours and geometric lines and shapes.

Izabel Camille

Prima Donna Bracelet - Sieraden


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