• Materiaal: carbon, fiberglass, eva, kevlar, 3k
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A further development of the bestselling Chapter One. The new materials offer an even higher precision and performance. Drop shaped and with a harder core this racket suits the player ready to take the next step towards padel greatness. The frame of this padel racket is a 100% carbon and has a top frame reinforced by kevlar to increase hardness and flexural rigidity for that first-class performance. The core has an adjusted hardness and is composed by EVA and fiberglass. The racket surface consists of three layers of composite: fiberglass, carbon and an outer layer of woven carbon fiber 3K. The chapter two has a matte clean finish and a clean cut, arched hole distribution designed to give you a maximized experience in every game. The padel racket is delivered with a wrist strap to avoid racket slip during play.

Shape: Drop
Thickness: 36mm
Weight: 360 g
Balance: Low

Over het merk
Our Padel Story began its journey in 2017 but it’s heart stems from a lifelong passion for racket sports. Our Padel Story’s founders had a difficult time finding a racket that appealed to them in terms of performance, design and cost so they simply decided to develop a padel racket of their own. Their long-term experience in technical design and line production made it all possible. Now Our Padel Story’s rackets can be yours and you have no more excuses not to excel on the court.

Our Padel Story

Chapter Two - Padel rackets



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