From improving your health to the "Runner's High", there any many compelling reasons for you to start today. It is estimated that over 3% of the world's population start running to improve wellness and social engagement. Lacing up your shoes has never been easier. Through our top 5 reasons, you too can make a life-changing decision to join one of the biggest fitness activities in the world. So, what's stopping you?

Running essentials


Shopping online for running shoes that match your feet perfectly can be tricky. Here we show you how one simple test can help you make a more informed decision on your next shopping trip.


Trail running is booming in popularity and you too can enjoy the physical benefits of exploring nature through running. Ready for a Life-Changing Adventure? Introduce yourself to the beauty and simpleness of trail running.


Best running shoes for trail


Everybody needs a hero sometimes. Here we take you through our favourite running gear for the new season, explaining the features and benefits of some super technical products that we at Boozt consider to be our Heroes this running season.


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