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Ademend ontwerpAdemend ontwerp
Verzegelde nadenVerzegelde naden
  • Binnenvoering: 100% polyester
  • Buitenmateriaal: 94% polyester, 6% elastane
  • Verzegelde naden voor maximale waterdichte bescherming
Product informatie

The Zenda MPC Extreme is a pair of classic, high performance ski pants. Lightly padded with soft stretch and a durable outer fabric based on the unique Tenson stretch membrane with exceptional waterproof properties and breathing performance that allows you to move freely without getting trapped by moisture or sweat. The pants have articulated knees, adjustable waist and zip-in leg endings, snowgaiter and water repellent lockable zippers. Detachable suspenders and soft, fleece lined pockets complete the picture of this high-performance classic.

Waterproof rating
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Over het merk
For more than six decades the Tenson mission has been to bring nature to the people, to democratize the outdoors. Through quality clothing and gear they have beaten a path that anyone can follow. They offer essentials for big time adventurers as well as weekend hikers. Nature is for everyone and they are leaving no one behind. Tenson – a way of living since 1951


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