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Trail running is not only fun, it’s rewarding for your cardio fitness too. Running outdoors on the trails can be a great way to explore nature while getting in your workout at the same time.


Running off road can offer the same benefits as cross training, yet offers fewer injuries than asphalt running. Working the lower ankle and foot area, rather than a monotonous, one direction movement from asphalt running, it is lower impact and helps to strengthen the muscles that stabilize the lower legs.

Trail running essentials


Helping to build a fitter, faster and stronger you, trail running gives you a full body interval-like workout without hitting the gym. Challenging yourself over varying terrain, forces you to run at different paces, without having to count laps or stare at your watch. Adjusting your intensity will boost cardiovascular fitness and coordination.

Best running shoes for trail


Explore new and
exciting trails

Because of the varying terrain and inclines, your average speed maybe lower but leaving your GPS at home will give you a sense of freedom. This will allow you to explore new and exciting trails that help break the monotony of running the same loops around your city. Like a kid in a playground, you will find yourself jumping in puddles, climbing logs and finding those hidden paths. The technical trails require you to stay sharp, developing your sense of movement and balance. Trail running is a constant adventure that will give you a sense of excitement and accomplishment.

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