We’ve lifted weights in the gym and sat in the lotus position in the yoga class. Now comes a special outdoor activity that involves a brisk walk in the great outdoors: hiking. Read on as we take a brief look at a trend that is ubiquitous – even in the world of fashion

Have you noticed the amount of social media posts featuring walks, pure, unadulterated nature, and food cooked over campfires? Have you come across #natureporn and its five million photos of scenic outdoor settings? Or maybe you’ve noticed the ‘casformal’ trend in the fashion world (a fusion of casual wear and formal attire), wear hiking boots or a fleece jacket are combined with a silk frock or shirt.


If so, then it will come as no surprise that, right now, the trend of ‘hiking’ – walking with no goal other than to put one foot in front of another and take in nature – is very much on the up. Just take the word ‘hike’, which was Googled three times more this spring than last year.

Back to Nature


But why exactly are so many people kissing goodbye to fitness and yoga classes and going for long walks in the countryside? That’s what we’re going to tell you. In fact, we’ve come up with three good reasons for quickly lacing up your hiking boots and jumping on the bandwagon. 

1. Hiking is healthy for both body and soul

Hiking not only improves your fitness and endurance but also your mood. Imagine becoming increasingly happy with every deep breath you take, and with a form of exercise that rarely causes injuries and strain. 

2. Hiking is synonymous with nature

Hiking in the great outdoors leads to peace of mind that is hard to find elsewhere. Just walk off the beaten track across the moor, into the woods or along the beach, and feel the sense of serenity.  You don’t need to concentrate on your handlebars or steering wheel. Simply put one foot in front of the other and take in all the scenic impressions. It’s the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life.


3. Hiking kindles a sense of community

Of course, you can hike alone, but enjoying a trip and taking in the setting with others engenders a very special sense of community. You can take a relative or friend with you - or maybe even join a hiking community in your local area. On a par with jogging clubs, a myriad of hiking clubs has sprung up, where people get together and explore the countryside together.  

Exceptional Hiking Routes


Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a novice, here are three Scandinavian hiking routes to add to your bucket list. 

Denmark Go hiking in the beautiful countryside of North Zealand

Where? The Tisvilde Trail in North Zealand



Go hiking in the rocky landscape of Kullaberg

Where? The Kullaleden hiking trail from Helsingborg up along the coast to Kullen



Go hiking on the Vesterålen islands

Where? The Queen’s Route on the Vesterålen islands north of Lofoten


On with your boots and out into the great outdoors!


Nature enthusiasm in the Fashion Scene 


As travel companies experience an increasing demand for hiking holidays and the number of new hiking trails in the Nordic region has skyrocketed, a completely different sector has also been impacted by the hiking trend - the fashion industry.


Ganni is just one of many brands to have embraced the outdoor style, designing collections that feature everything from hiking boots to fleece waistcoats. You can’t help but fall for this fusion of comfort and style.  


On you can find loads of inspiration for the consummate outdoor look.  

The craze that will give fitness and yoga a run for their money

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