Investment gifting

From stocking-fillers to show-stopping splurges, treat her to gifts that will last.

Coming up with good gift ideas can be hard, but if you follow these rules for always getting it right buying that special gift will be easy.


1. Always consider her wish list, not her to-do list.

2. Buy from brands she loves and tastes you can trust.

3. Think of what to get her and then go bigger!

4.  Make it a sustainable choice. Look for items that are made of fabrics that will last longer.



Consider their personal taste and style when buying homewares, ask yourself have you heard them talk about what they wish for their home, and look for timeless classics.

Shoe care


You wear them every day and probably never give as much care to them as you should. Having a good shoe care kit can be one of life's pleasures, especially if it's bought for you. 

Bags & accessories


Buying her a handbag, wallet or purse will not only become her wardrobe staple but will stand the test of time and it is something she will use every day. Keep colours and styles classic so they will always stand the test of time.

Beauty & fashion


Look for quality fabrics in neutral colours and go for scent families that she usually wears, whether it’s a classic floral or more intense orientals.


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