Felix Sandman - Multi-talented and Feminist

Passionate feminist and a sucker for love

Many people have taken special notice of Felix Sandman’s talent. Though his Instagram account has about half a million followers, he’s not a big fan of social media. 


“Our generation spends an awful lot of time on social media. So there’s also been a shift for musicians and actors, who also in a way become influencers. But I prefer not to call myself an influencer – I’m a musician and an actor. Of course, I have Instagram, Facebook, etc. and use them to speak to my fans and express myself and my opinions.”  


One of Felix Sandman’s favourite causes, about which he voices his point of view on his social channels, is feminism – and the issues of equality vis-à-vis gender and race as a whole.


“But I don’t only talk about these issues on social media. We mustn’t forget the importance of conversation between people. If you want to change something, you have to start with yourself and the people you associate with. Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned, but I’m much better at expressing myself when talking to a human being than to a screen.”  


For Felix Sandman, it’s important to be with people he loves. He believes love is the very nerve centre of life. 


“I suppose I’m what you call passionate about relationships with people. In fact I’m a total sucker for love – with my girlfriend, my friends and my family. It isn’t just our work that defines who we are. It’s also the people we spend our lives with.”

22-year-old, hugely-talented Felix Sandman has both warmed up for Justin Bieber and starred in Sweden’s first Netflix series. We met the young star for a chat about his meteoric career and his views on love between people.

22-year-old Felix Sandman’s career is only going one way – up. Nonetheless, he reminds himself that it’s important not simply to focus on the next success. It’s equally important to pause and to be proud and grateful. This multi-talented Swede talks about his life as a musician and actor – and about being a ‘sucker for love’ and an ardent advocate of feminism.  



Meteoric career

His passion for performing is nothing new for Felix Sandman. At the tender age of 4, he started dancing and, a few years later, attended a music school. Together with two friends, Oscar Enestad and Omar Rudberg, he founded the boy band FO&O, which really took off in 2013 after their first-ever live performance - as a warm-up act for no less than the world star Justin Bieber.   


“That was the first time we performed on a stage together. I was 13 years old at the time. It was a meteoric start for our band, but also scary. Justin Bieber has always been one of my great idols. Two years later we warmed up for One Direction. We performed at the biggest venue in Sweden – something we never dreamed of,” says Felix Sandman.   


When FO&O broke up in 2017 after four successful years, Felix Sandman staked everything on his solo career. In 2018, he came second in the Swedish qualification round for the Eurovision Song Contest and the following year a huge, new opportunity came his way. A casting director contacted him about the upcoming filming of Sweden’s first Netflix series.  


“Maggie Widstrand, whom I’d not been in contact with since childhood, when I briefly tried my hand at acting, contacted me. First I said I was sorry and didn’t have the time. But she piqued my interest when she told me more about the project: the very first Swedish Netflix venture. And the story was great. Today I’m so happy that I decided to audition for  Quicksand. I couldn’t imagine a better debut as an actor.”

’"It's about moving people"

In Quicksand, a youth series about a school shooting incident, Felix Sandman plays the one main role: Sebastian, the complex son of a wealthy man, who goes on a highly emotional journey through the series.  


“My life and my personality are nothing like Sebastian’s. But I think all actors have to dig into themselves and explore their own emotions in order to play a role. So, when I played the role, I tried to focus on how I would feel in the things Sebastian goes through.” 

The role of Sebastian has undoubtedly been a landmark in Felix Sandman’s career and has fuelled his ambitions for a future acting career.


“But that doesn’t mean the end of my musical career. Far from it. Acting and music are all about performing. Basically it’s about entertaining and moving people, and that’s what I’ve always loved.”  


Felix Sandman cannot reveal what his career holds in the future. But Boozt extracted a little info out of him. 


“What I can say is that I’ve got some brand-new music coming up – and maybe some collabs with other artists. I might even combine my music and my acting. Who knows… Everything’s just around the corner, so you’ll find out soon.” 

WHO: Felix Sandman, 22 years old, musician and actor. Warmed up for Justin Bieber and One Direction and came second in Sweden’s qualification round for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. Most recently, he starred in the Netflix series Quicksand.   


WHERE: Lives in Danderyd with his girlfriend Andrea.


WHAT: About to release new music and will also star in a new Netflix series in December.

Starting to pause…


22-year-old Felix Sandman has achieved more in his career than most of us achieve in a lifetime. His huge success, both on stage and screen, do not come from nowhere. 


“Big dreams naturally require hard work. But one important thing we often forget in my generation is to take a break and enjoy what we’ve achieved. We’re always focused on the next goal. Looking to the future and constantly evolving are great, but it’s also important to pause and be grateful for what you’ve achieved – and experienced. I’ve been working hard for the past 8 years and met loads of wonderful people, but sometimes I’ve forgotten to pause. Now I’ve started to.” 

If you want to change something, you have to start with yourself.”

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