Meet the Brand: Lexington Home

It has been around for nearly 20 years and with its appealing blend of Scandinavian and East Coast American style, we find out why it’s such an international success story.  

The characteristic Lexington style is inspired by her life in the Hamptons on Long Island, by her Scandinavian origins, and by the four seasons. Kristina first drew her inspiration from Lexington, a town that is the true heart of New England. It’s a place outside of Boston, Massachusetts where the American Revolution started and where you will find the typical white houses that we all know and love. While she spent many years in this part of the world, Kristina grew up in a small town on Sweden’s east coast, which also influences her designs. The collections in Lexington Home are inspired by and build on traditions from both these countries which make it so appealing to the international customer.

As it was founded in Sweden, the products are mainly manufactured in Europe, and Lexington has become well known for its unique design and excellent quality. They are also fully developed with a strong focus on sustainable manufacturing, something which is very important to Kristina. She also gives back by helping and mentoring young and aspiring female entrepreneurs in their quest to create businesses themselves. Today Kristina is still supplying the world with timeless high-quality products in the style of Lexington and welcomes everyone to her dream of a New England lifestyle.


Her love of the American East Coast style is rooted in her fascination with the architecture, the landscape, and the friendly atmosphere. She loves the grey cedar shingle houses and the white houses with their porches, balconies, and window shutters. These details with her Scandinavian need for light are translated into specific design considerations and the result is that white plays a major role in all the ranges.


It all started when Kristina Lindhe, a former teacher and textile entrepreneur, saw a gap in the home interior market for a brand combining Scandinavian design heritage with the American East Coast style that she loved. So, in 1997 she decided to start the Lexington Company, succeeding like few others in creating a special home atmosphere that has now grown into a premium international lifestyle brand, which was always her vision from the start.






“I always had the idea to create an international brand, and I knew I could succeed with hard work and by believing in my ideas,” says Founder, CEO and Creative Director of the Lexington Company is Kristina Lindhe.

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