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It’s all about the beard – the best beard grooming products to try now


Whether you are growing your beard for the first time or can’t remember the last time you had a shave, here are the best beard products to create the most beard-care routine ever.


Beards needs to be maintained in the same way you look after your hair. Trimming and shaping your beard regularly will keep it looking its best, while using cleansing and styling products will stop you looking messy and disheveled. Here’s your essential kit.

Beard trimmer


The most important tool in your kit is a trimmer and the sign of a good trimmer isn’t just how well it works, but also how versatile it is. If it comes with a variety of combs then it will help shape and trim everything from perma-stubble to long, flowing chin manes.

Beard wash


Beards can get dirty like your skin so use a specially formulated beard shampoo which will cleanse the facial hair without stripping and drying out the skin underneath. Wash your beard every time you shampoo your hair, and you will always have a fresh hair.

Beard oil


Using an oil a few times a week or more will soften facial hair and the underlying skin so its stays smooth and itches less. Use a lightweight version with healthy-hair ingredients like jojoba and almond oil as this will ensure they sink into the hair easily and won’t form a greasy film. A little goes a long way, even on longer beards.

Beard balm


Like a pomade for your beard, a balm will help shape and style the hair into the exact look you want. It’s more of a styling product but it should still have nourishing ingredients and be lightweight so it doesn’t weigh your hair down which would make it look greasy.

Beard brush/comb


A brush and comb will not only keep hairs in check but will help distribute products like balms and oils through the entire beard. Use a brush every time you apply a product, and your beard will stay soft and controlled. Plus, it helps exfoliate the skin and cut down on itch.

Beard moisturiser


A beard moisturiser will help keep facial hair healthy and protected from the outside elements that can dry it out and make it look scraggy. Use daily to keep it fresh and make sure like your moisturiser, it contains ingredients that won’t clog your pores.

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