Trend forecast: Top 5 interior trends for 2021

Now we are pretty much doing everything from our homes and as we adjust the way we live, and the spaces we live in, it’s no surprise that comfort, sustainability and making your home a unique sanctuary are a priority. Here we speak to Boozt’s HOME senior buying manager, Didde Thostrup Jensen to find out what’s hot in home this year.

Lots of colour


We are becoming more and more colourful in our interior design, and in 2021 we will continue to challenge the classic Scandinavian style. Colour is the biggest trend in everything from glass to frames and porcelain. This year we will replace the classic white frame and mix both brands, styles and colours in decor. We will see more coloured porcelain - such as Lyngby Porcelæn's collection Rhombe Colour, where each product in the series has a unique colour. One of the easiest ways to integrate some colour is to paint a wall or if you are into a more non-permanent solution, posters are the way to go. Trending colours are: Earthy colours like beige and grey, pastel colours and clear green, yellow and bright red. Just be bold and decorate with conviction.

Making it personal


As the last year has been all about our homes, we have been spending a lot more time redecorating and cleaning. This means now we have the space to be more personal in the things that we surround ourselves with. We want our home to be more unique, and there will be a focus on creating your own style. This means we will be investing in authentic looking items, mouth-blown glass, hand-turned pottery and again, lots of colour.

Green focus


During Corona shutdown we invested in a lot of green plants around our homes to keep the air clean and green. This has brought about a huge trend in collecting pots, vases and jars in all shapes, sizes and forms. Botanical Terrariums has been a trend for some time, but the incorporation of some DIY with some plants for that indoor green feeling is becoming increasingly popular.

Sustainability in the simplest form


Sustainability awareness is also something that will remain important in our homes. Sustainable, durable brands will continue to grow in prominence. We are going for cleaner materials in general and raw materials like linen and GOTS certified cotton are becoming the favoured materials. Brands are creating alternative products with zero waste, creating a sustainable alternative to the cotton pad, tea bag or plastic bag. We will see a lot of “new” materials that are focusing on reused materials, like plastic and waste in general. We have also become more aware of hygiene, with a focus on keeping our homes and hands clean so the demand for soaps and cleaning products with some form of certification has grown in popularity. 

We want our home to be more unique, and there will be a focus on creating your own style.


Boozt’s HOME senior buying manager,Didde Thostrup Jensen

Scandinavian Design Icons


Scandinavian brands are getting even bigger as we pay tribute to our designers even more. We are getting back to our Scandinavian roots so will be investing in well known brands and modern design icons, products with a Danish or Scandinavian DNA that we know and love.

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