Behind the Brand: Forét

Another important thing for Jesper and Jeppe is never to compromise – in terms of either quality or durability. A garment should not only be relevant season after season; it should also be manufactured in ethically responsible conditions.


Forét - A Brand for Simple Living

The design DNA of Forét features a combination of outdoor and classic everyday clothes. For their products, Jesper and Jeppe use heavier, more hard-wearing materials that can withstand being used again and again – year after year. What is more, it is not only the longevity of the materials they consider, but also the longevity of their designs and styles.


“We use timeless earth tones and historical references from workwear and practical items. In our aim to invest our products with authenticity, we almost always use embroidery and tangible applications rather than print. A good example is our embroidered perch, which consists of 45,000 stitches and 11 colours and made in a Portuguese factory that is an expert in this field.”


It is crystal clear that all Forét’s collections are imbued with a belief in pulling the plug and taking it easy. Their newest collection, Campfire Club, also reflects the brand’s philosophy of ‘slow down, go offline’ and its ambition to forge a link between nature and cities.


“Basically, we want to inspire our consumers to be more curious and explore their immediate environment, preferably with family and friends, but sometimes on their own too. Our constant goal is to help our customers come up with their own interpretation of a collection’s overall concept. For example, this season’s Campfire Club collection aims at inspiring campfire fun, whether on a beach, in a holiday cottage or in a completely different context.”


The collection features comfy fleece jackets, practical overshirts, well-known classics, a fabulous knitwear range, cargo pants and sustainable shirts, sweats and t-shirts.


Jeppe Alexander Meier and Jesper Finderup are childhood friends. Their shared passion for unique design and fervent creativity resulted in the successful clothing brand, Forét, which they launched together in 2014.

Jeppe Alexander Meier and Jesper Finderup have known each other since primary school, embarking on small projects together even back then. It was particularly their common view and understanding of the world that led to their close friendship:


“We grew up in a small town with no fun shops within easy reach. So our interest in and curiosity about design led us to other towns and cities in search of unusual clothes.”

Their interest in design has not dwindled over the years, and all the countless projects and experiences Jesper and Jeppe have shared during their long friendship made an impact on their biggest joint project to date. Their clothing brand Forét has made a big name for itself in the Nordic fashion world – partly on account of its stylish designs and partly because of its ambition to unite nature and city.


Successful Friends and Colleagues


Since the launch of Forét, the brand has been the talk of the town. The two friends stress that being a team throughout the process has been crucial. After all, a victory is much more fun when it can be shared with others. More importantly, standing together helps you overcome any defeats. But the Forét project also demanded trust and full-time commitment – with no financial safety net. Fortunately, now the two friends have a successful Danish brand, sustained by a joint passion to create top-quality, sustainable, fashionable clothes.


They believe their motivation is rooted in their huge creative urge. It is vital for the two passionate friends that their clothes reflect the lifestyle they themselves advocate - dressing for the small adventures everyday life offers.



Combine layers with a fleece jacket, vest, or practical field jacket, accompanied by a pair of comfortable trousers, and favourite footwear.

“We devote just about all our spare time on the lookout for new experiences.”

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