Meet the brand: Part two

With a keen focus on sustainability, this Danish brand is educating their customers to not only invest in quality clothing that will last a lifetime but to shop more consciously with their clothing range made from sustainable fibres. Here we go behind the brand to find out more about their WE CARE tag for sustainability.

They not only believe in authenticity and honesty but want to design clothes that remain favourites in your wardrobe forever. Part Two knows the importance of a great fit and work hard to find the right qualities when creating modern designs for quality conscious women based on their slogan 'Part Two - made for real women, living real lives'.


Approximately 50% of their main autumn collection for 2020 is produced with a focus on sustainability. The percentage varies from season to season because not all product groups can be replaced by more sustainable alternatives, but as a brand Part Two has been working for many years to improve their production processes and products, as well as the impact these have on our planet. Whenever they design a new style, they focus on every single detail to deliver the best possible product with the least possible environmental and social impact. They aim to increase the fibres produced with a focus on sustainability, but at the same time, they do not want to comprise on the quality of the fabrics.

As a fashion brand operating in 17 countries all around the world, Part Two are aware of the environmental impact that their industry has on the planet. This is why they are so committed to responsible business practices that benefit the environment and the people and animals who live in it. They work with suppliers to continuously improve the conditions in their production chain, so all they are all required to sign their Code of Conduct, Chemical Restriction, and Ethical Sourcing requirements. Their audit and chemical testing programs helps to ensure that they meet their own and international standards. This makes sure that their clothing is produced by suppliers under decent conditions for employees and for the environment.


In May this year, the WE CARE tag was created with the purpose of making it easier for the end-consumer to identify the styles that are produced with a focus on sustainability. For their main autumn range, the sustainable fibres of organic cotton, recycled wool, Lyocell, and LENZING™ ECOVERO™ were used in the collection, which makes Part Two an even more appealing and conscious shopping experience.

“Sustainability is also about keeping your clothes for a long time and not constantly replacing them. Therefore, we make a great effort to produce high-quality products that you will be able to keep for years to come”, says their Design Manager Frederikke Villaume.

It is hard not to love a brand who is doing their bit to drive a more conscious way to shop. Established in 1986, Part Two is Danish with Scandinavian design history and a design philosophy that creates contemporary and timeless collections.