Meet the fashion expert: Frederik Lentz 

Frederik Lentz is the Creative Director of the agency Holidays which develops visual solutions for major brands such as Stine Goya, BOSS, and Samsøe Samsøe. He is also a regular fashion expert for Boozt. Get to know him better and hear his take on good taste, new and freer rules of play in the fashion world, and what should be hanging in your wardrobe this autumn.


Whenever Boozt needs to update its readers on the latest Danish and foreign trends or the season’s coolest “It” styles, we often call on our regular fashion expert, Frederik Lentz. He has been a photographer and fashion editor on some of Denmark’s major lifestyle magazines and acknowledged by the industry as an arbiter of good taste – as opposed to a good style.


We met him for a chat and asked him…

Where does your interest in fashion stem from?


Men and vanity are two things that are often hard to reconcile. But for me, it’s no problem at all. I lived with my mother and big sister, both of who have quite an interest in fashion, so that's probably where it all started.  At the same time, the fact that I didn't grow up with my father probably made my approach to fashion slightly more feminine. I've always been very conscious of what I wear and the signals it gives out.  When I was age fourteen- fifteen, I was a really keen skater. That had a real style that I absolutely loved.



What is a good style in your opinion?


In my job as a fashion editor on the likes of Euroman, I always tried to promote good taste rather than good style. Over the years, I urged readers to wear suits more. Not just because they’re part of the magazine's DNA, but because they express the fact that you give a damn about what you wear and that you're making an effort.  I think that's something far too few men do.


“The younger generation has influenced the way we think about clothes, and that's hugely liberating.”

How would you describe your own wardrobe?


Of course, there are some trends that can't be avoided.  But I also have some things I always come back to.  For example, I have something like 45 pairs of desert boots, and since 1996 I've been collecting certain brands of jeans that I still wear.  A lot of my clothes are vintage because there are some silhouettes I can't find enough of today.


I often take a look at the women's department too. For example, I recently bought large, wide trousers in the women’s department, because they’re hard to find in men's shops. I also think that’s going to be more common in the future. Young people today are much more inclusive and more indifferent to gender and sexuality - issues on which there has been an unhealthy focus in the past. It fascinates me and makes me feel happy for the sake of my children.



Has it also made an impact on the unisex trend, do you think?


Definitely! The younger generation has influenced the way we think about clothes, and that's hugely liberating. With the countless unisex items we're seeing right now, the brands are simply making it clear that they don’t judge, and that, regardless of whether you’re male or female, all that matters is that you feel comfortable in your clothes.  I love the fact that whether you’re this or that plays no role.


At the same time, the unisex trend is inextricably linked to our duty to take better care of our planet.  The more we consume, the more we pollute. If a brand makes both women’s and men’s collections, and then pre Spring, Spring, Spring-Summer, suddenly that’s a lot of collections in a single year. That’s why it also makes sense to merge things more.

Be inspired from Frederik´s style



Frederik’s forecast for a stylish autumn


#1: Grey – and lots of it!

- I think we're going to see a lot of different shades of grey together this autumn.  For example, dark grey trousers with a light grey jacket.


#2: Wide trousers

- Trousers will be wider and higher-waisted.  Bootcut jeans are really making a comeback – in men’s departments too.  I think in a few years’ time we’ll be wetting ourselves laughing at those creepy, gaiter-tight trousers.


#3: Long, heavy coats

- The coat is definitely a major feature this season. I think we’ll be seeing fewer short jackets.  A large, heavy coat adds a touch of class.  It invests you not only with style, but also with conviction.


About Frederik Lentz

43 years old, lives in Copenhagen

Former Fashion Editor on such magazines as Euroman and Eurowoman. Now Creative Director of the agency Holidays (which he started with Agnes Buch and Kasper Smith) and Boozt’s fashion expert.