Meet the makeup artist: Anne Staunsager

 A makeup artist for 22 years, Anne Staunsager is one of the most experimental in the country. She has an eye for aesthetic details, the latest trends, and the best products.


 Here’s a chance to get to know the award-winning makeup artist better. She talks about her impressive career, shares great tips from her personal beauty routine, and reveals this autumn’s major beauty trends.

What do you love most about your work as a makeup artist? 

I started as a makeup artist back in 1998. Since then I’ve done nothing else. I love combining makeup with art. That’s not to say I only do artistic makeup. Though that’s one of the things I really love. Transforming a human being so they feel like a better version of themselves when they look in the mirror - that’s also an art.  

What has been your greatest achievement been so far? 

I can’t really pinpoint a specific job, since I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world in connection with my work – everywhere from the icebergs of Greenland to stunning beaches in Australia. However, one of my most memorable experiences is when I was asked to come for a meeting at Condé Nast for US Vogue because they’d noticed my work. Suddenly I was standing in the lift with Anna Wintour. I was totally starstruck. 

Where do you find inspiration for your work? 

I’m very inspired by art - both at physical exhibitions and online. I also draw a lot of inspiration from, Google, and Pinterest, where I search for everything under the sun. 


Describe your own beauty routine on an ordinary working day. 

I always finish my morning shower with 30 seconds under freezing cold water. I take a deep breath and prepare myself mentally for the day ahead. It’s really good for both my skin and my spirit. I also wash my face – both in the morning and in the evening – with Ole Henriksen’s Truth Juice Cleanser. And currently, I also apply Bioeffect’s 30 Day Treatment. Otherwise, I finish off with a facial oil serum. For me, my routine needs to be relatively quick and simple. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get it done every day.   


My makeup routine is also pretty simple. I use a tinted day cream - for example, Shiseido BB cream with SPF 30. I cover any impurities with Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation. I also use Mac’s ‘Blush Please’ and my mascara is So Couture from L’Oréal.   

“My life in Nørrebro is a huge influence on my work”

What is a must for any consummate makeup look?

I believe skin should always look beautiful, flawless, and natural. That is the basis for any attractive makeup.  If your skin is naturally beautiful, you hardly need any more makeup – just a little on your cheeks and mascara. That’s a perfect everyday makeup, in my opinion. 


What’s the biggest mistake women can make when applying makeup?

Bushy brows are beautiful, but if you don’t have them naturally, it’s not advisable to try to make them look bigger. Instead, use a brow serum every day. It actually works. Some women also use an overly thick layer of foundation, contouring, and highlighter. The internet is filled with tutorials on how to create a whole new face with makeup. It may work in photos and films, but not in the real world. So, use your common sense, and learn how to apply natural makeup.  


What do you think this autumn’s major beauty trends will be?

This autumn, we’ll be experimenting with colours and shapes. We’re seeing a lot of diversity in the fashion world. The same applies to makeup. Metallic eyeliners, eye shadows - even lipsticks - will be a big feature. You don’t have to look like a mirror ball. Just experiment with a little dab of metallic in your eyeshadow or around the edge of your normal lipstick.  You are only limited by your imagination. Just have a go.