Update your wardrobe with some of the new brands at Boozt this month.

Born and bred in the hip streets of East London, AllSaints is a city fashion brand with a vintage-inspired edge. Hot in the 90s for its investment leather jackets, the label now boasts a memorable menswear collection often featuring bold motifs and the brand’s iconic Ramskull logo. Its laidback attitude is at the centre of each and every one of its designs – think relaxed fits, casual yet high-quality fabrics, and plenty of distressed detailing.

This technical Russian clothing label KRAKATAU got his name from the biggest volcano ever and is the perfect mashup of the street and functional clothing. With uber-functional designs and made from durable functional fabrics their clothing and accessories combine an urban functionality with technical materials that balance technology, design and price.  

Created in 1938 in Quimper, Armor Lux has become an iconic French fashion brand. Famous for the originality of its clothes inspired by the sea, and the commitment to produce the highest quality knits from its factories in Brittany, France. Taking its inspiration from the French maritime tradition they produce authentic nautical pieces like the fisherman jumper, classic Breton striped shirt.

Both the name and concept of the Ecoalf came after the birth of the founder's two sons, Alfredo and Alvaro. He wanted to create a truly sustainable fashion brand and believed the most sustainable thing to do was to stop using natural resources in a careless way to ensure those of the next generation. Using recycled materials with the same quality and design as the best non recycled, its products have the same quality and design as the best non recycled ever since its conception in 2009.

This French-based label with chic, edgy clothing was founded by the stylish Thierry Gillier in 1997. One of the first affordable luxury fashion offerings on the market, the brand redefines the modern boho rocker with clothes that are wearable and timeless.With cashmere knits and biker jackets, jeans and hoodies, there is something for every man out there