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The ultimate grooming guide

Develop a grooming routine that’s quick, simple, and low maintenance and you’ll look good every day.

1.     Scrub your face


Giving the skin a light scrub twice a week is essential at getting rid of dry skin and excess oil that builds upon the face. Look for scrubs that contain oats and apricot kernels as these are gentler on the skin.

2.     Close shave


Shave it, trim it, or grow it long, maintenance is key to keeping your beard neat. A decent trimmer will keep unsightly hairs at bay, and regular use of beard oils and creams.

4.     Tackle dark circles


Eliminate dark circles and puffiness with an eye cream or an eye mask. Look out for skin calming ingredients like chamomile and vitamin C, which will make your eyes sparkle again.


3.     Eyebrow care


Keep unruly eyebrows in check by plucking with tweezers. Focus on the stragglers that stand apart from the main body of your eyebrow. 

5.     Treat your scalp


Only use warm water when you shower to prevent drying out your scalp and go for a shampoo that targets dandruff. These will help to soothe irritation and soften the scalp.

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