There are moments when you just want to look refined and polished and then there are moments when you want to be casual and comfortable. Your shoes are not only made for walking or protecting your feet. Do you know how to wear yours and what to wear with them? Communicate the right message; know how to wear your right shoes and when.


For a casual look, wear with a tailored suit or style with rolled up blue jeans and a casual shirt for a preppy look.

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The classic and formal shoe for the office, funerals, weddings, and evenings.

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Monk Strap

Make your monks stand out by exhibiting them with cuffed trousers, jeans, or even cargos.

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These slip-on's are great if you are in the mood for the sockless look. If the weather is warm, roll up your chinos for a Mediterranean, relaxed summer look.

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A very versatile silhouette, these boots capture the rocker look with a pair of jeans or achieve a more classic style with a suit.

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Style with dark jeans or wear for a casual weekend excursion. Sneakers are a bold choice for work, after work, or all the hours in between.

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Broguing refers to the decoration and the way the surface is punctured and stitched to form a pattern. Keep in mind that a shoe is less formal the more broguing it has. When worn as a dress shoe with a suit, it is better to opt for either half or quarter brogues as they aid in maintaining the formality of the outfit. A full brogue is considered casual, but works well with tweed, sport coats or other country fabrics.

The original design was intended for outdoor use as the unique perforations allowed water to easily drain out. Wing tips add a decorative detail on the toe.


Distinguished by their “closed” lacing, where eyelet tabs are stitched underneath the vamp, Oxfords are considered a trend-proof shoe. To make a statement, wear none other than a clean cap-toe Oxford. The cap toe refers to the line of stitching bisecting the toe, whereas a whole-cut Oxford is a completely unadorned shoe made from a single piece of leather.

While plain dress oxfords might seem altogether too conservative amid a rack of trendy ankle boots and fancy perforated wingtips, these are the reliable pair of shoes you will turn to for work, interviews, weddings, funerals, first dates, and everything else in between.

The Oxford shoe has its origins on the University campus, but today, it is considered too formal as an everyday student shoe. However, the variety of colours, textures, and varieties of leathers available tone down the formality.


The rules of fashion are always changing, but unless you know how to properly challenge the trends, stick to these colour combinations when matching your outfit to your shoes. For casual outfits, there are generally no set rules, so allow these standards to apply more to your formal wear.


Black on black is always the perfect, formal, and refined combination. While it is not so flexible for offering variety, you will always look good with this solid pairing.


Navy is a great choice when seeking a variation from the classic black suit. Black shoes present a safe choice, especially when it is a formal or business setting. Wear burgundy or brown shoes for a more relaxed approach.


A versatile suit colour, light grey is an excellent base for letting your accessories do the talking. Again, black shoes are reliable for proper business dress. Brown and tan shoes channel a more casual and social look.


A masculine classic for less formal affairs, monk straps are perfect for when the occasion calls for a suit, but when you also don't want to appear corporate typical. Featuring no laces, monk straps are instead closed by a buckle and strap. It has been considered as the “most advanced” dress shoe and is available them with a cap toe, brogue detailing or whole-cut.

Monk straps are perfect for casual Friday work attire or dinner dates on the weekend, and you can even wear them with denim. They can also be worn with a suit, provided the reason for the suit is work-related, but formal occasions require laces./


The loafer was originally intended as a casual house slipper and is recognisable for its slip-on style.In a casual setting and to add a bit of flair, loafers can replace any of your other casual shoes. Casual loafers can be worn with denims and khakis, or sockless with shorts. Penny loafers are a perfect companion for corduroy pants, chinos, and with linen in the summer. Worn everywhere from the farm to the office, by lawyers and grandpas, the loafer has never lost it’s versatile popularity.

Aiming for a more formal look? The darker the colour, the more formal the loafer. Similarly, the less visibility of your sock will lend to a more formal look.


A contemporary favourite of today, Chelsea boots were originally used for horse riding and later as a walking shoe for Queen Victoria. Their most distinguishable feature is the double elastic panels that allow you to effortlessly pull them on and off, sometimes with the help of a heel tab at back.

In the 1970's, they were brought onto the trendy scene with the mods and today, variations of these boots continue to be created. Either way, the Chelsea boots’ inherent simplicity gives a man timeless charm, signal heritage, and possibly even old fashioned alpha male power.

Things to note: Brown suede Chelsea boots are great for a country look, black for an urban look, burgundy is a good all-around option, tan can be stunning, and colours like blue or green are made for making a statement.


Breathable and lightweight, and just all-around comfort, sneakers are the hot and comfortable trend. Not to be confused with your smelly gym shoes, you can basically get these in any funky colour and wear them shamelessly. For some elevated sporty luxe comfort and to channel some retro styling, choose leather or suede kicks for a greater statement of luxury.

If your goal is the street smart sneaker as opposed to the shoe you train in, keep your shoes clean! The moment you take your brand new leather or canvas shoes out of the box, pre-treat them with a stain and water repellent.


Now that you've made the investment in a great selection of footwear, learn to make them last. With the right care and handling, following these tips can keep your shoes in new form for years to come.


Keep two polishes on hand, one black and one neutral. The black is for black shoes and the neutral for brown. You want to moisturise the leather, not colour it. Apply the polish with an old t-shirt or towel. When time is of the essence, wood handled brush with horsehair bristles is the solution for a quick touch-up.

How can I rescue my wet shoes?

Dry: First, wipe them off with a clean cloth. Leaving your leather wet will ruin it.

Stuff: Put crumpled newspaper inside; replace the paper when saturated. Repeat until almost dry; insert cedar shoe tree.

Condition: Rub them down with a good leather conditioner.

How can I achieve the vintage look?

Think brown on black. It can take a while to break in shoes. Speed up the process by using a little black polish around the toe and area above the heel on your brown shoes.

How can I keep the shape of my shoes?

To make your shoes last and maintain their form and fit, invest in a tree shoe. This prevents the development of deep creases, which can absorb moisture, and the tree can even make your shoes smell better.

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