The fit of your shirt matters. While there is no "one size fits all solution", understanding your silhouette and selecting the right shirt can take your look and confidence to the next level. Here are some tips to help you find your perfect fit.


The collar should be snug around the neck, but also comfortable. If you are unsure, apply the one-finger rule. With the collar buttoned, you should be able to comfortably slip one or two fingers max in between your collar and neck.


The shoulder seam should meet the corner of your shoulder bone, or essentially the point on your shoulder farthest from the center of your chest. The shirt should not look like it's sliding down the top of your shoulder onto your arm.


There shouldn't be any stretching of fabric around the buttons or chest. In contrast, any material creating a billowing effect at the waist indicates that the shirt is not suitable for you. Look for darts at the back of a shirt which remove excess fabric from the lower back, allowing for a nice taper at the waist.

When can I wear my shirt untucked?

To wear your shirt untucked, be sure you have chosen an appropriate style. Shirts with longer, curved hemlines are meant to be tucked in. Straigher hemlines with lower side seams can be worn untucked. Unsure? If your shirt hemline lands no lower than the bottom of your back pocket, it can be worn un-tucked.

Super slim

Modern shirting is redefined with the super slim shirt. With all parts in-balance, the form of this shirt offers a close-fitted silhouette with a precise chest and tapered waist. Armholes sit high with minimal excess fabric and sleeves are narrow and slim. Super slim fits are best suited for men with slim frames.


Slim fit shirts are most suitable for slender, slim or thin frames. Designed to accentuate the body, this shirt sits snugly against the body and the sides are tapered with crescent-like curves. Narrower fit over the breast and waist, slim fit shirts complement modern, streamline tailoring.


Regular fit shirts are a modern approach for contemporary suiting. This fit is suitable for men with more average frames with the form tapering to your body. Contemporary style shirts offer more room in the shoulders and upper back, perfect for more muscular upper-bodied frames.


True to the traditional silhouette is the classic fit. With a generous width over the breast and waist, this shirt creates a comfortable wearing experience for those who want a little extra space. This style is perfectly suited to men who are a little broader around the torso.


There are many types of collars and selecting the right one can more clearly communicate your personal style. Understand the appropriate collar for your everyday or special occasions event. Here are the basic four every man should know:

Point Collar

    A timeless classic, point collars offer a narrow space between the two collar points and are generally worn with a tie.

    Recommended for:

  • Formal events
  • Bowties
  • Narrow ties
  • Men with round faces (as this adds length to the face).
Button-Down Collar

    Also known as a polo collar, the button-downs once kept the collar away from the faces of polo players. Most Oxford shirts feature a button-down and are not traditionally worn with a tie.

    Recommended for:

  • Casual events
  • Sportsmen
  • Students
  • The non-tie wearers.
Spread Collars

    The distance between the spread collar points are about 45 degrees. These is most popular for casual, classic and versatile shirts.

    Recommended for:

  • Businessmen
  • Those seeking an affluent look
  • Wider neckties
  • Large necks and bigger heads (makes the head appear smaller)
Cutaway Collar

    The widest of spread collars, the collar points 'cut away'. The extreme angle gives a bolder look and is meant to be worn with a tie with a wide knot.

    Recommended for:

  • Fashionistas
  • Italian style suits
  • Making a statement
  • Men with narrow faces

Dress shirt cuffs remind us of what makes menswear so unique, it is in the small but significant details. There are many shirt cuffs today, but there are two that are here to stay.

Barrel Shirt Cuffs

The most common is a two-button barrel cuff. Yet, you can also find one- and three-button barrel cuffs. If you are tall, three-buttons should be avoided as it adds length. Yet, for a shorter gentleman, single-button barrel shirt cuffs will give the illusion of longer arms.

The barrel shirt cuffs are a suitable choice for office and informal occasions. Straight barrel cuffs are most common, but rounded barrel cuffs or an angled cut will make your shirt sublty stand out.

French Shirt Cuffs

For a formal look , look to the french cuff. Wearing cuff links with the french cuff is a must and allows for more style options with the same shirt through different cufflinks. French cuffs can be styled with both contrasting shirt cuffs and straight, rounded, and the angled cut cuffs.

Traditionally worn with a jacket, french cuffs are intended for formal occasions. Important meetings, interviews, weddings and black tie events are all perfect for your french cuffs.


Wrinkles look good on a man, not his shirt. Give your shirt body and character by adding some heat. Follow these four simple steps to achieve your crisp, clean and perfectly pressed shirt:

Step 1

Iron on the lowest setting and keep your shirt moist with a water-filled spray bottle. Start at the yoke and press from one edge to the other. For the area below, slowly iron down with steady pressure. If there is a box pleat, iron around it.

Step 2

Flip the shirt over and begin with the buttons, carefully ironing in and around each one. Repeat process on underside. If one exists, press the material under the placket with the iron points.

Step 3

Focusing on the collar, first remove any collar stays. Iron the underside of the collar first, slowly pressing the iron from one point to the other. Repeat on the outer side.

Step 4

When ironing sleeves, make sure the fabric is flat and smooth before applying the iron. Begin at the top where the sleeve is sewn to the shirt and work towards the cuff. Turn over and repeat.

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