Care-Why Culture

Central to our culture is the ‘care-why’ mindset. It is not only about knowing, but also caring. Being curious about why things are the way they are, choosing to act and going the extra mile for the customer, the company, and each other.  This culture is supported by our three company values; Trust, Freedom and Responsibility. 

Our Goals

With our Care-For strategy, Boozt is aiming to become the leading responsible e-commerce company in the Nordics by 2025. To achieve this we have decided to set up some internal goals for the next five years. Some of the goals we are working towards are:

— Becoming the first B Corp certified E-tailer in the Nordics by 2023.

— Be climate neutral across our operations, including the impact of delivery and returns, by 2025.

— Offer tailored support and data to brand partners on their sustainability journey using the Boozt Media Partnership solution, by 2022.

— Ensure that 100% of our apparel brand partners are committed to supply chain transparency and to working with the Higg BRM tool by 2023.

— Continuously improve employee engagement through feedback and dialogue to reach top tier employee engagement benchmarked against our sector by 2021.

— Reach a 25% share of sustainable apparel products across our overall product assortment by 2022.



What does 
Sustainability mean to us?

Care-For Strategy

At Boozt, we want to make sure that sustainable choices are easy for everyone, and that is why we created the Made With Care category. In this category we highlight textiles and cosmetics that are environmentally and socially responsible.  For textile we consider the material composition of the garment, the working conditions of the garment makers as well as the chemical management of all chemicals used during processes. For cosmetics we consider the ingredient list and their risks on human health and the environment, the design of the packaging, as well as the working conditions of cosmetics manufacturers.

“In our view it is the ‘care-why’ that marks the difference between the ordinary and the exceptional”

Made With Care assortment

Our Made with Care assortment combines all products that meet the sustainability criteria. We have drafted criterias for different product categories, as different product categories have different requirements and practices in terms of environmental and social sustainability. As of August 2021, we have published the sustainability criteria for textile. We are currently working on drafting 3 more sustainability criterias for Accessories, Home, and Footwear, because the two criterias, that we have already drafted, do not cover 100% of the product available on Boozt.

With those criterias, we aim at setting a minimum baseline for what is sustainable for us at Boozt. We will update those criterias every year in line with the current best practices and research advancements in the field. We also want to make those criterias stricter, to eventually create a new norm of greater traceability, transparency and accountability from the brands we are partnering with.

We want to use the Made with Care assortment as a means to raise awareness on sustainability in the fashion industry, and how we can solve those issues specific to the fashion industry. In January 2022, we will present the “Transparency Journey” to create discussions internally and externally about sustainability.


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