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Szczegóły Produktu
  • 100% poliester(z recyklingu)
  • Regulowane zapięcia na rzep w pasie
  • Kieszenie zapinane na zamek
  • Prać w maksymalnej temp. 30˚C
Informacje o produkcie

With a waterproofing rating of over 10000mm and also completely windproof, Bergans Stranda 2L pants are a hard shell ski trouser that maximises performance and a comfortable fit. Designed to be highly breathable to prevent overheating, they have zips on the thighs to help you ventilate when your core temperature rises. Fitted with a Recco® rescue chip in the hood in addition to abrasion-resistant fabric at the ankles, these durable shell pants can be adjusted at the waist for the perfect fit.

6000-10000 mm is water resistance under light pressure. Use during light rain or average snow fall.
About the brand
Outdoor equipment for pioneers throughout a century of adventures. Bergans of Norway has been driven by dedicated and passionate outdoor enthusiasts for over a century. We introduced and patented the backpack as we know it today, an invention famous polar explorers such as Amundsen and Scott recognized and used on their expeditions. No other manufacturer of outdoor equipment can match our experience in polar exploration – or our ambition to share this legacy with today’s adventurers. Founded in 1908, Bergans has played a major role in Norwegian outdoor life for more than a century.


Stranda 2L W Pnt - Spodnie


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