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In lieu of our ever-expanding kitchen department on Boozt, we chat with Lin Mellgard, food creator and contestant in Swedish Master Chef 2021 to find out her kitchen must-haves and what food she can’t live without.

What kitchen essentials should every home cook own?

Personally, I’m dependent on a high-speed blender and a food processor, I also love my juicer and my array of coffee machines. I think everyone should have a good Microplane or grater, a sharp knife, and a food processor. Ok also a blender. I have a travel version and a stationary one. I use it to make smoothies, sauces, pancake batter and more. 

What kitchen trends do you see coming up?

I’m not big on trends, but I think that an improved general health will become more important to people. Hopefully people will have the courage and interest to try new foods that are anti-inflammatory and good for both the body and soul. There is too much mind-blowing research about gut-health to ignore the impact food has on us humans.

What are your cooking shortcuts?

Blend and mix your oats with cardamom and cinnamon before cooking, it shortens the cooking time radically and gives a lovely flavor and texture to your breakfast. Also, anything that can be thrown into the oven saves a lot of time. Make a nice marinade beforehand and then read a good book while the dinner gets ready is in the oven. 


The quick six

Favourite song to cook to? 
Anything with Ella Fitzgerald or Joao Gilberto.

Favourite ‘food inspired movie? 
Chocolat with Juliette Binoche. I love it. I also think Chef’s Table on Netflix is awesome.

Favourite recipe? 
Sticky tofu with veggies, Chinese style.

Favourite cooking moment? 
When I was a little kid, making pizza from scratch with my dad, listening to Elvis Presley.

Favourite hobby, beside cooking?
Travelling, dancing, and listening to music. Hiking, and reading, I’m a total bookworm.  I have plenty of hobbies, I’m good at enjoying life. 

Kitchen diaries

Chef profile – Lin Mellgard


What does breakfast, lunch and dinner look like for you?

Breakfast is normally overnight oats, Bircher muesli with berries and a coffee. Sometimes eggs in some form. I like to wait until I’m hungry before eating breakfast, I won’t just eat because I have to. My nightmare is to eat when in a hurry.

For lunch I’ll have grilled salmon with veggies and rice or a salad with some protein and a piece of gluten free bread.

My favourite dinner is to have a starter with oysters (my craving number one), a soup or broth and then a good tofu dish with lots of veggies and rice. This seldomly happens though since no one in my family likes oysters or soup so I’m the minority. But we all love homemade panko-fried cod with roasted potatoes and veggies. 

What is your favourite dish to cook?

Fish and tofu, and charred broccoli because no one expects it to taste so good. 

What is the key to a great dinner party?

The people. I choose my company wisely. Next is ambience and then obviously, the food. I love to have candles and fresh flowers in the house when I have guests. I don’t mind cooking when people have already arrived, I think it’s nice to create a homey feeling - inviting people to cut some cucumber or peel an apple while sipping on a good nature wine and chatting. 


How did you get into the Swedish Master Cook?

I was encouraged to apply by different people. I’ve watched very little television for the last ten years, so I had to google the show. It seemed extremely stressful but I’m not late to jump into an adventure. Also, I wanted to spread my food philosophy and thought that public TV was a great way. The biggest issue was that I’ve only cooked vegetarian food for the last five years so many of the meat dishes in the show was quite a challenge for me to prepare. 

What is your favourite food ever?

That’s like asking me which organ in my body I appreciate the most! Naming one food is totally impossible, here’s my top five: red grapefruit with homemade mint sugar, all things crispy (lentil crisps, hard bread, rice crackers), overnight oats, peanut butter, fresh Swedish strawberries…. Was that five already? 


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