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There’s nothing like a new pair of sneakers. If you’re not sure what to buy, here are the top sneaker trends to help you pick a shoe for the upcoming year.

The ultimate sneaker trends 2023

There’s nothing like a new pair of sneakers. If you’re not sure what to buy, here are the top sneaker trends to help you pick a shoe for the upcoming year.

Photos courtesy of New Balance and Copenhagen Studios

Technical outdoor

The technical outdoor sneaker where everything is made for adventure is still a hot trend and this type of sneaker will easily fit your outfits in the urban wilderness. Comfortable, robust, and with origins in trekking and trail running, who says you can’t wear them every day. Whether you are going to the mountains or downtown, Gore-Tex and other waterproof materials will always come in handy.

High ankle

A high-top sneaker will always have a place in your wardrobe. Who hasn’t owned a pair of high-top Converse in their life? While they are not for everyone, these basketball-style sneakers will look great with skinny jeans or tapered trousers, not to mention floaty dresses and even mini skirts come summer. Try them and see.

Sustainable sneakers

Sneakers can carry an environmental footprint and while there’s no concrete definition on what makes a sneaker eco-friendly or sustainable, most leading models boast a build using recycled materials like plastic and rubber or renewable materials like cotton or cork. Made with lower impact materials, they are super light and very comfortable. Wear can be worn with everything from faded jeans to floral dresses and feel good about it.


In times of an uncertain future, looking to the past for inspiration is a popular trend, and that doesn’t stop at sneakers. Drawing inspiration from the 70s track style, the vintage sneaker gives that real nostalgic old school vibe to your outfits. Wear them pretty much anything in your wardrobe, think jeans, denim skirts, wide-leg trousers, and even midi skirts for that preppy-cool vibe.


We saw the experimental sneaker last year in the form of a chunky-soled platform, bright colours, and wacky shapes, this style continues but with an even more futuristic vibe. While some may seem ugly at first sight, when you step back and appreciate the design behind them, you will appreciate their vibes. Plus, because they have such an edge, they look cool with cropped jeans and maxi dresses come summer. Go for it and try something new.

Gender-neutral styles

Gone are the days of pink for the girls and blue for the boys, say goodbye to overdesigned, pink-it-shrink-it sneakers, and hello to full-size runs and gender-neutral designs that anyone can wear. These can also be worn with anything in your wardrobe, whatever your style. Just don’t let your partner steal them!

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