Odporny na działanie wiatruOdporny na działanie wiatru
Wzór przewiewnyWzór przewiewny
Synthetic insulationSynthetic insulation
Uszczelnione szwyUszczelnione szwy
Szczegóły Produktu
  • 100% poliamid
  • Uszczelnione szwy dla maksymalnej ochrony wodoodpornej.
  • Zamek błyskawiczny dwukierunkowy
  • Sztuczne futro
  • Prać w maksymalnej temp. 30˚C
Informacje o produkcie

Waterproof, windproof and packed with super warm Microtherm insulation, this modern canvas parka makes urban life an adventure. Ideal for those cold and rainy days, it has a longer length, high collar and generous hood to help you hide away from the elements. With much of the same technology as Halti's technical range, this stylishly cut city parka is a wardrobe staple for the colder months.

Waterproof rating
11000-15000 mm is water resistant. Use during moderate rain and average snow fall.
About the brand
Nature offers us experiences of all kinds. People can engage nature with all their senses, find calmness and return to the very basics. In order to fully enjoy these experiences, one needs to be able to truly rely on their gear. Halti was born with this need in mind – we know the ever-changing Nordic conditions, with 40 years of experience.
Guppyfriend bag

Guppyfriend is a patented bag that filters out the tiniest microfibres released from synthetic fibres during washing. With each wash, countless plastic fibres from synthetic textiles are making their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans.

The self-cleaning fabric bag is made of a specially designed micro-filter material to collect these microfibres. It reduces fiber shedding and protects your clothes, reducing the number of microfibres entering rivers and oceans.


Kivikko M Jacket - Kurtki i Płaszcze


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