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  • NEUW
    Waits denim br shirt 629 zł 345.95 zł
    S M L XL
  • NEUW
    Check l/s shirt 499 zł 274.45 zł
  • NEUW
    Floral l/s shirt 459 zł 252.45 zł
    L XL


Neuw’s jeans are purpose built.
They begin with a raw cloth, a fabric made from a complex tangle of carefully crafted yarn. Jeans are durable for this reason. Their purpose is to wear the scars and repairs of our journeys. Jeans tell the tale of the places we have been, the songs we have listened to, the people we have met and the lives we have lived. Neuw’s mission is to create the best jeans for an interesting life. Materials are sourced from premium mills around the world and handcrafted into jeans inspired by the rebellion and iconic history of denim.