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  • Material: water, microorganisms, probiotics eu group, epa class 1, organic essential oils
  • Mått: 17 x 8 cm
  • Volym: 500 ml

Simple Goods concentrated laundry detergent is mild, effective and gentle on both textiles and the planet. This unique product contains probiotics, natures own good bacteria, that will go deep into the fibres of your clothes and remove the dirt, that causes the bad odor. It will leave your clothes clean, soft and with a mild scent lavender & patchouli. The probiotic bacteria will furthermore go deep into the corners of your washer where they will remove unwanted bacteria, dirt and leave your machine sparkling clean.Works on both coloured and white clothes and can be used from 20-90 degrees.
Without any preservatives,, phosphate, colouring, chlorine, synthetic scent or other harmful substances.
Direction of use: 20 ml per load – enough for 25 washes.
2 capful for ordinary wash and 3 for extra large loads or if clothes are really dirty.

Simple Goods

Laundry Wash, Lavender, Paatchouli - Övrigt diskning & städning


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