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Creating your DIY advent calendar can be a fun and personalised way to count down to Christmas. So, brighten up the days leading up to advent, with this simple guide to making your own.

How to make your own advent calendar

Creating your DIY advent calendar can be a fun and personalised way to count down to Christmas. So, brighten up the days leading up to advent, with this simple guide to making your own.

How to make your calendar

The first step of making an advent calendar is to decide what you’d like it to look like. Do you want to use ready-made bags, or small boxes or wrap 24 packages and hang them up? If you want to make your containers, this is what you’ll need.

24 Small Containers:
These can be small boxes, envelopes, cloth pouches, or any tiny containers that can hold surprises.

Decorative Paper:
Choose holiday-themed paper, wrapping paper, or craft paper for covering your containers.

Number Stickers or Markers:
You'll need these to label each container with the corresponding day.

String or Ribbon:
To hang your calendar, you'll need some string or ribbon.

Treats and Small Gifts:
Select 24 treats or small gifts to place inside each container. These can be chocolates, candies, small toys, or personalized messages.

Glue or Tape:
To attach the paper to your containers.

For cutting paper and ribbon.

Different types of calendars

Or you simply buy your own container. Here are some available on Boozt right now.

Steps to create your calendar

Prepare Your Containers:
Take your 24 small containers and decide how you want to present them. You can decorate each container individually or use the same wrapping for all.

Decorate the Containers:
Cut squares or rectangles of decorative paper that are large enough to wrap around your containers. Attach the paper using glue or tape.

Label Each Container:
Number each container from 1 to 24. You can use number stickers or simply write the numbers with a marker.

Fill the Containers:
Place a treat or small gift inside each container. Be creative with your choices and consider the recipient's preferences. See below for some inspiration.

Arrange in Order:
Line up your containers in the order you want them to be opened. You can arrange them in a Christmas tree shape, on a string, or in any pattern you prefer.

Create a Display:
Decide how you want to display your advent calendar. If using a string or ribbon, attach it to a wall or mantle. You can also place the containers in a basket, box, or on a decorative tray.

Count Down to Christmas:
Starting on December 1st, open one container each day until Christmas Eve.

Enjoy the Surprises:
Savor the excitement and surprises as you or the recipient discover what's inside each container every day.

What to put in your advent calendar?

Need some inspiration on what to fill each bag, box, or slot with? Finding 24 gifts can be tricky but with our useful gifts on Boozt, you’ll easily find something to put in your calendar.

For the chef:
Spice grinders, kitchen utensils, kitchen towels.

For the design lover:
Vases, candles, glasses, mugs, bowls from the design classics.

Klasikinis dizainasŽiūrėti viską

For the Christmas fan:
Christmas decorations, mugs for mulled wine, Christmas-themed homeware.

Kalėdų stalo dekorasŽiūrėti viską

For the hostess:
Cutlery, napkins, corkscrew.

Serviravimo reikmenysŽiūrėti viską

For the beauty lover:
Hand cream, makeup, fragrance, scented candle.

For the sports lover:
Sports socks, gloves, accessories.

For the baker:
Baking tools, spatula, measuring set.

Kepimo reikmenysŽiūrėti viską

For the interior lover:
Vases, cushion covers, ornament, coffee table book.

Namų dekoracijosŽiūrėti viską


If the gift is too big to fit in the advent calendar, you can put a note in one of the slots with a clue as to where they can find the gift in the home. Or you can write the number of the slot on the package and put it under your advent calendar.

For more inspiration

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