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The key boot trends to know this autumn

Whether you’re into a ’70s knee-high or the sporty, stompy ankle boot, with autumn around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what boot tribe you are. Discover this season’s biggest boot trends that will be everywhere very soon.

The knee-high boots

Style tip: Expose some leg by teaming a flat knee-high boot with a skirt or dress that finishes higher on the leg than the boot. Wearing them with leggings and a chunky knit will suit relaxed weekends, or for a more elevated look, pair them with skinny jeans, and an oversized blazer.

The chunky chelsea

Style tip: Add a cool edge to a knitted dress by wearing it with a chunky boot. Heavy stompers like this type of boot will always create a cool contrast when worn with a printed dress maxi dress and an oversized coat.


Style tip: Pair lace-up boots with mini dresses, jeans, trench coats, and jackets. While they are an edgier style, they can also look sophisticated when paired back with these outfits.

Pointy boots

Style tip: For an elegant look wear pointy boots with a black leather mini skirt, tights, and wool coat, or if it's more of a casual occasion, wear with cropped jeans, a white shirt, and drape a leather jacket over your shoulders for a touch of street cool.

The Cowboy

Style tip: Rather than go all out Western, mix your brown or black boots with a shirt or midi dress, or if you prefer a more casual look tuck skinny jeans in the boots, and pair them with a denim shirt. Wearing a bold patterned mini skirt with a classic white blouse will also look great in the city or country.

Cocoon booties

Style tip: You can’t go wrong with wearing your favourite jeans or leggings tucked into a pair of these boots when the temperature plummets. Add an oversized chunky knit or sweatshirt and you’re good to go.

Top care tips

Here’s how to make your boots last longer.

Protect your boots from rain, snow, and spills.
A protective spray isn’t just a waterproof treatment, it will act as a repellant against any unexpected winter weather or spills. These sprays work on leather, suede, and fabric boots allowing a spill or liquid to sit on top of the material so you can wipe away the stain before it bleeds into the shoe. Spray once a week.

Moisturise the leather.
Just like you need to moisturise your skin, you also need to moisturise your leather boots regularly to preserve shine and make the leather last longer.

Repair salt and snow stains right away.
Avoid boot damage that comes with winter weather after being out in the salt and snowy streets. Apply a remover as soon as possible after contact and let it air dry overnight to fix stains.

Keep an eye on your heels. 
Replace damaged heels sooner rather than later. Instead of waiting until heels are no longer walkable, monitor their condition regularly, and have them replaced when they start to wear down.

Keep boots in shape with boot trees.
Uphold the shape of tall boots by storing them with a boot shaper matching your shoe's height and width.

Use leather cream to treat scuffs and fading.
Apply a leather cream with a small brush to quickly fix a scuff or discolouration and remember to wipe down your boots after every wear to keep them in good condition.