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Running has numerous benefits, whether you’re the diehard daily runner or looking for reasons to lace up your shoes. Introducing yourself to running can help not only increase your fitness levels but can add many benefits to your daily life. Start today and see how these 5 reasons can start making a positive impact on your health and wellness.

Provides a sense of accomplishment

We are addicted to accomplishments, and the feeling it gives us. A source of inspiration to do things we haven't tried before from running your first marathon to stepping out the door. Running offers us a chance to set goals and provide not just a physical feeling but a sense of accomplishment that lasts forever. Lace up your shoes and plan for that next goal.

Improves health
and wellness

Adding running to your daily physical routine has been proven to keep you healthy from the inside out. Proven to improve cardiovascular health through just 5-10mins a day. Running can help decrease stress, increase weight loss and even help reduce symptoms of depression. Easily accessible, running is one of the easiest ways to improve health and wellness. Start planning today for a better, healthier life through running.

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Stimulates you mentally

Running boosts oxygen flow around the body. This helps improve cognitive function such as memory and attention so we can carry out our daily tasks with energy. With so many positive effects, running is a great way to build your mental game.

Boosts your confidence

Setting and attaining goals have been proven to increase your level of happiness, whether it be running a marathon or your first 5km event. If you’re not the competitive type, running just 10-20 minutes a can help to raise your confidence levels and give a major boost to your self-esteem. We all know happy people are generally more confident, so why not give yourself an extra boost of confidence.

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coordination skills

We all know running more helps to improve speed, form and efficiency but how about coordination skills? Introducing running as a form of exercise is known to improve coordination and balance. Whether it’s on or offroad, running gives you the ability to organise your limbs in sequence, in turn helping your movement patterns. A fun way and easy way to naturally improve your coordination.

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