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By 1974 the skateboard community had picked up on the rugged look and sticky sole which gave flexibility and traction. In 1976 the Vans #95 (now known as The Era) which featured a padded collar and colour combinations was released and quickly became a hit. It was at this time that the classic Vans “Off The Wall” logo made its first appearance. Going strong 1977 saw the release of the #36 (now Old Skool) which was the first skate based shoe to combine both leather and textiles. The doodle ‘jazz stripe’ of Paul Van Doren was also introduced on this shoe and has become a hallmark of Vans branding. 1977 it was a big year for Vans as it saw the release of the Vans #98 (The Classic Slip On) which with the help of BMX riders and skateboarders quickly became THE slip-on shoe to have…this is still true to this day.


Vans went from strength to strength releasing new styles that quickly became icons every few years, then in 1995 they made history by bringing the Warped Tour to the main stage. In 1996 they sponsored the inaugural Triple Crown of Skateboard and shortly after in 2001 saw a production of ‘Dogtown and Z-Boys’ which was Stacy Peralta’s look at the beginnings of skateboarding and how it grew. The film won the Audience and Best Director Award and the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.

Vans has become not only an iconic footwear brand but is an iconic sports brand, supporting well known and up and coming skate stars and more recently have also moved into other sports such as Surf, Snow and BMX as well as the music scene.

One of the most well known and iconic brands, Vans continues to inspire and promote the cultures that make it what it is today. Playing a huge role in music, skateboarding, film, and art for 55 years, Vans always inspires. Here we tell their story and showcase the artists behind the latest core classics campaign showcasing Old Skool.

The story of Vans begins with Paul Van Doren, who after 20 years of working as a shoe manufacturer for the Randolph Rubber Shoe company, moved to California with his family and began putting things in place for the Van Doren Rubber Company. In 1966, after careful planning and preparation Vans opened their first store in Anaheim, CA, which would house an office, mill room, making room, stitching room , warehouse and store. At the time Vans were producing a simple deck shoe – a staple casual silhouette of the time – the iconic Vans #44, now known as the Authentic, was born. On the store's first day, 12 pairs of Vans were purchased in the morning and made that day for pick-up in the afternoon. Thanks to local custom and a very low budget marketing campaign (flyers), word about the new footwear company quickly spread.

Behind the brand: VANS

Vans Old Skool


For autumn 2021, Vans are highlighting three timeless colourways for the Old Skool shoe: true white, navy and black on black.

While the Old Skool shoe has always been popular among action sports athletes, today the versatile shoe fits in anywhere—and stands out everywhere— as a symbol of youthful spirit and

personal style. Old Skool has always made a bold statement and serves as a vehicle for creative expression and this season, Vans is partnering with two artists who have made their own lane. Christopher Martin, a multidisciplinary artist who uses his work to explore the African diaspora and confront aesthetic perceptions of contemporary injustice and Olivia Krause, a multimedia artist based in Oakland, CA who uses photography, textile and installations to capture feelings and fleeting moments through her work. 


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