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10 ways to update your conservatory

Welcome the new season by giving your conservatory an update. It can be as simple as adding a new cushion in a bright colour or changing the lighting and furniture. Whatever you choose it will set the scene for the summertime ahead and give it a fresh new look. 

Add a vase & plant pot

There’s nothing like displaying flowers and plants in a room. Maximise the outdoor feeling by adding freshly picked flowers or a plant to your space. Choose a beautiful vase or plant pot and it will always make you smile when you enter the room.

A lamp

Good lighting makes all the difference to how the space feels. You want as much mood lighting as the room allows so mix stand lamps with table and wall lights. Make sure the bulbs aren’t too bright to keep the right ambiance.


Who doesn’t love a candle and whether it’s a scented variety or lots of pillar candles in holders dotted around the room it will create a cosy vibe once the sun goes down whether you are dining or just sitting in the room.


Whether they are big or small, scattering cushions around the room adds colour and texture and makes it feel more welcoming. It’s an easy way to change a colour scheme too if you have neutral walls and floor. Update with bright spring colours to boost your mood and the energy of the room.

Throws & Blankets

Thick blankets and throws can be too warm in the summer months, so switch out wool and mohair varieties for cotton and linen instead. They will take away the chill if the summer nights cool down, but they won’t be too heavy. These are also a great way to add a different texture and pattern to the room. 


Refresh your furniture the easy way. You don’t have to change the sofa, daybed, or table, just add small stools, side tables, and shelves to add interest and function to the room. Extra places to sit are always welcome for guests and shelving will offer another place to display your homewares.


Create a cosy feeling in the room by mixing different rugs on the floor. These can change depending on the season. In winter go for thicker wool varieties to help keep the room warm and cosy, for spring and summer go for jute and cotton rugs which will feel good under foot and keep the cosiness. Either go for one colour theme or mix and match for a boho vibe.

Curtains & blinds

Conservatories tend to be open rooms so you can see the great outdoors, but sometimes, especially when the sun goes down, you may want privacy or to cosy things up a little. Adding lightweight blinds or curtains which are made of linen or cotton will do just that without making the room feel stuffy. 


Baskets are always a pretty storage option and make it easy to keep a room tidy as you can simply throw things in them to keep off the floor and sofas. Have a selection of sizes dotted around the room so you’ll always have somewhere to store all your bits and bobs at the same time.


Keeping a little stack of coffee table books in the conservatory will not only look nice, but when they are on hand it will make it easy to pick up and read, instead of having to go to another room. Plus, it’s a great way to add colour to a corner of a room.

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