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Made from a range of high performance fabrics such as merino wool or a polyester blend, a good baselayer provides warmth and maximises breathability. A baselayer efficiently wicks away sweat, preventing excess moisture from building up inside your outfit and making you cold. Designed to fit close to the body to maximise heat retention, a baselayer helps to regulate your body temperature and is fundamental to a good layering system.




Merino baselayers are incredibly lightweight, non-itch and soft against the skin. Much warmer than a synthetic baselayer, they are also anti-bacterial, naturally shedding odours and rarely requiring washing over the course of a week long trip. Because they are made from natural fibres, they are a sustainable choice compared to some other options.



Key characteristics: Warm, anti-bacterial, sustainable.



A synthetic baselayer is extremely breathable and helps to regulate your body temperature to prevent overheating. Soft, stretchy and comfortable, they are great at wicking moisture away from the body which helps to keep you dry even during intense activity. While they dry more quickly than merino, synthetics do need to be washed more regularly to get rid of odours.


Key characteristics: Highly breathable, wicking, quick drying.