How to upgrade your summerhouse

Add some new joy to your summer house this season with these instant updates. We spoke the Boozt home buyer Louise Kristensen to find out her favourite ways to do it in ten easy steps.

1. Add paper flowers 

If you love being surrounded by flowers and always love a fresh bouquet on the side, why not add paper flowers around your summer house instead of real ones. Not only will they last forever, but you are guaranteed to always come home to a fresh and decorative bouquet however long you’ve been away for.

2. Change your textiles

There’s nothing like updating the textiles around your home to give your house a simple refresh. Add new bath and guest towels, mats, tea towels and napkins in simple designs and soft colours to instantly create fresh summer vibes. Linen and cotton are always a good choice as they last longer and are lovely to use.

3. Add colour to your table

Add colour and a personal touch to your summer table this year with bright and monogrammed porcelain. Think candy floss pink, baby blues, peach, and lilac for instant happy vibes. These shades definitely come into their own as we approach summer and who doesn’t love a hit of colour after the dark winter months. The beauty of this table is that you can mix and match your colours. There are literally no rules, so you get to have fun.

4. Tidy up in style

Summer houses can get cluttered very easily and when guests arrive, extra bedding, clothes and personal things can get scattered everywhere. Keep it tidy with smart and functional storage that also work as decorative elements in your summer house too. 

5. Upgrade your outdoor 

Give your outdoor area an upgrade too with feeding stations for the birds and plant pots for your herbs and flowers. If you need some ideas, the RO series from Rosendahl is made of 100 percent Danish recycled plastic and can be used indoor and outdoor and looks elegantly stylish.

6. Add some luxury to your coffee and tea 

Make morning and afternoon Fika a delight with gorgeous coffee accessories, mugs, and cups. There’s nothing like taking it easy on those long summer mornings drinking coffee in the garden or laying the table for afternoon tea.

7. Add coffee table books 

Who doesn’t love a new book? Not only does a coffee table book make great interior décor on bookshelves or little stacks around the house, but with more time on holidays you’ll get to read them. Go for a selection of themes then there will something for everyone to enjoy in those quieter moments.  

8. Hang colourful posters  

Adding colourful nature-themed posters around your summer house will not only add instant colour to the walls but will add personality and vibrancy to your home.

Choose four beautiful prints and mix the styles like photographic, line drawings, abstract and keep in the same complimentary hues. Don’t be afraid to go for coloured frames too, a big trend in interiors now.

9. New lighting 

Lighting will give your home a fresh new look and can impact and improve everything about your summer house from its architectural appearance to the colour scheme. A quick weekend install could change your space in just a few easy ways, so whatever your objective, style or budget try something new with your lighting and you’ll feel the difference as soon as you flick the switch.

10. Upgrade cooking pots

Who doesn’t love new pots and pans in the kitchen? If you’ve had yours for ages and never seem to have the right size, invest in a new slow cooking pot as they are not only great for entertaining, but when you’re not using them, you can even use it for storage. The traditional style will always look good.

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