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Home accessories for homes in all sizes

The goal of interior design is to find cushions, lamps, bedding, vases, posters, rugs, candle holders and everything in between that will make your square meters feel like a home. At Boozt Homeware online, you will find an assortment of stylish homeware and Scandinavian design items in a wide selection of brands and price ranges. Shopping at Boozt Home will allow you to easily decorate your home exactly as you want, regardless of whether you live in a large house or a studio apartment.

The days in your home

Sometimes we live in the same place for many years, but suddenly life surprises us with babie, cats, dogs, a new job or other changes that make it attractive or practical to move to a new place. Interior design is always important, regardless of whether you have lived in the same place for a long time, feel a need for change, have to decorate a children's room or if you have just received the key to a new front door.

Home decor for life

At Boozt Home you will find homeware and interior details for all kinds of days, no matter what style you prefer. Old memories live in a home, new memories are formed, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated here. Lights are turned on and off, doors are opened and closed, this is where we talk, read, play, laugh, sleep and cook dinner with wine glasses on the kitchen table, and where we have a bowl of cereal after midnight.

The wholeness of a home

The home is full of surfaces you touch and place objects and thoughts on over and over again. Lamps, kitchen equipment, and decorations become part of the wholeness that constitutes a home. We see and use them daily, but most of the time we don't pay attention to their significance. When you decorate your living room, bedroom or kitchen, you create the foundation for the whole that makes up the home, and every time you choose new home accessories, you add shape, colour and texture to this whole.

Room for diversity

A beautiful vase or nice poster over the sofa adds something to the everyday atmosphere. It's a small change, but it's a change that makes a difference. Interior design is inspiration and renewal. Interior design is to create and shape the atmosphere in a home and to fill it with security, freedom and joy. Households can consist of many types of human constellations, with different needs, expectations and lifestyles, but no matter what it looks like in your household Boozt Home offers a selection of versatile  home decor and inspiration for every square meter.

Children and playtime 

Having children in a home doesn't only mean that you have to think about how you want to decorate a children's room, but also that there must be plenty of space for play and activity. Good storage is essential so that the blue dinosaur and the polar bear with the many names don't have to live permanently behind the sofa cushions.

Storage solutions for tidy rooms

Practical and stylish storage solutions are an important part of any home, regardless of how your household is constructed. Clutter occurs in all homes, some days it stays that way, and that's okay, that's living, but with good storage solutions it's easier to create nice and tidy rooms that are comfortable to live, play, work and relax in.

Tableware for style and comfort

When meals and snacks need to be served to the family, yourself or guests, you might find that you don't have plates, bowls and serving dishes in the right size or shape. You will find these in our range of tableware, as well as a large number of other items for your dinner-  and coffee table. If you need a relaxing evening with dinner in the sofa in front of the TV, we have everything you need to serve meals in a comfortable and relaxed way.

Modern Interior design for your entire home

We offer a large assortment of interior details, decorations and practical items for all rooms and corners in your home.

Boozt Home is constantly updated with new products and includes the season's latest trends from the best brands.

Homeware in organic and recycled materials 

Do you want to decorate your home with products in organic and recycled materials? Then we recommend that you use our handy material filter and choose Made With Care. That way, you can easily find textiles, kitchen equipment and much more in the materials you want.

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