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Our stylist RIKKE WACKERHAUSEN tells Boozt how to wear a puffer coat for the new season and why it’s so easy to fit into your existing wardrobe.

How to wear
a puffer

The ultimate styling tips:

+ Create balance when wearing an oversized puffer coat. Pair with tight-fitting trousers or straight legged jeans.

+ If you want comfort all the way through, you can go for sweatpants. It will never look "too" casual if you have a good puffer over the top.

+ If the weather isn’t too cold, go for a puffer vest instead. Simply wear with a knit or turtleneck underneath.

+ Don’t forget accessories. Depending on the puffer you choose, it can be toned up and down with a pair of shoes like loafers or headwear like a beanie.

+ If you are wearing a neutral-toned puffer, go for a hat or scarf in a brighter colour for contrast.

+ Donning chunky boots or sneakers only adds to the drama of an oversize puffer jacket (in a good way).

Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes a need for warmer clothing and an outer layer. While the possibilities are endless, nothing screams comfort and warmth like a good puffer jacket.

When styling a puffer jacket, you need to to keep the rest of your outfit simple as the larger silhouette of a puffer will be the statement look.