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A women’s 
ultimate jeans guide


A good pair of jeans are a staple in every women’s wardrobe. Whatever the cut or wash there are so many different styles to suit every shape and size. Here is the ultimate guide to find the best pair of jeans to suit you.

Find your rise

Trends come and go, we’ve seen everything from high rise, low rise and everything in between, so you need to decide which ones will suit you best. First, you need to figure out what rise is best for your body type.

Care tips

Always wash jeans as infrequently as you can and in cold water to help to keep the colour you love. Always turn your jeans inside out pre-wash to keep them looking fresh for longer. This helps to cut down on friction created during the wash cycle and prevents fading. Always line dry as tumble dryers or heated drying rooms are the natural enemy of jeans.


This style of jean become wider from the knees downward, forming a bell-like shape of trouser leg. Flares generally look great on pear and hourglass shapes, but you have to make sure they don’t overwhelm your frame, particularly if you are on the petite side. Flared jeans run long, so look for the inseam that’s right for you then go for heels to add height to the look.

Find your wash

Wash is down to your personal preference. Darker washes are best for smarter occasions, while lighter washes are a great choice for summertime. Whether you go for blue, black, grey or white, it’s really up to you to choose.

Dark wash – Universally appealing for all shapes and sizes and wears over time like a dream, every wardrobe should have a pair of dark wash denim jeans.

Light to medium wash – Whatever the occasion or season, this wash is always appropriate. However, do bear in mind the lighter the wash, the more casual vibe.

Coloured denim – Bright colours are great for the warmer months, whereas darker hues will elevate the basic jean and t-shirt look and are more appropriate for colder weather and even more formal occasions.

I believe life's too short for compromises 
and bad fitting jeans 


The fit of jean is the perfect balance between the skinny and straight leg jean. Sculpted to the hips and thighs while just skimming the ankle, it offers a slim-lined look that still manages to be comfortable.


Sits five centimetres below the navel

If you want to show off your curves low-rise jeans are a great option, you just have to make sure they fit snugly to avoid the waist-gap problem.


Sits just below the navel

This rise will suit most body shapes and is the most figure-friendly rise. Great if you want more structure around the mid-section, they are compatible with just about any top length which makes them a good all-rounder.

Sits at or above the navel

While this rise is often viewed as ‘retro’ it is actually a classic. Athletic body types with smaller waists will love this fit. If you are more of an hourglass but on the slender side, this rise will look fantastic with a bit of stretch. A perfect style to wear with cropped tops and tuck-ins.

Find your fit

The fit of your jeans is a great way to express your unique personal style. From classic, to trendy there is no right one, you just have to find the fit you feel most comfortable in.

Boyfriend fit

Typically fitted at the hips and in the seat with a more generous, relaxed cut through the legs, this type of fit looks great on athletic and apple body shapes. Known for its comfortable and loose fit they are effortless with a touch of boyish charm. If you want a laid-back look go for stretch or if you want structure opt for less stretch and a simple cuff at the hem.

Straight fit

A classic fit, straight leg jean are more laid back, the less body conscious cousin of the skinny jean where the legs go straight down with little variation in width from thigh to ankle. If you are an hourglass, apple or athletic body shape the straight leg style will be great for you. This fit pretty much goes with any styling whether it’s a simple ballet flat, tailored striped shirt and blazer or an easy t-shirt and sandals.


Like flared jeans but with a more subtle wide leg they are a more modern take than the 60s version. They are cut very specifically so that the upper leg tapers slightly to fit from thigh to knee but widens a bit from the knee down to the ankle. Hourglass or pear-shaped figures look great in this style. A boot cut jean has major wearability whether you wear them with flats or boots they have such a universal silhouette.


These jeans are slimmest at the ankle compared to all other silhouettes and hug your figure from the waist to the ankles yet are stretchy enough to ensure you can enjoy maximum movement. This fit suits all body shapes. Skinny jeans look great with loose, oversized tops and whether you are curvy, athletic or petite you can play with volume to create balance.


This style usually consists of a high waist rising above the tummy with wide-cut hips. Mom jeans usually have excess space in the zipper, crotch and leg areas, have straight-cut legs and sometimes an elasticised waist.

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