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When temperatures drop below zero, it’s high time to invest in a pair of reliable shoes to walk you through winter. We’ve got the recipe for your cold feet. By Josefin Barsom.

Before you start looking for winter shoes, there are a few things to look out for.

Winter shoe checklist:

1.         Waterproof
You can’t do winter without waterproofing. Look for Gore-Tex, vinyl, and natural rubber and you’ll be ready for rain, mud, snow, and slush. 

2.         Insulation
Cold feet are the worst, so make sure you pick a pair of shoes that keeps the heat. Go for boots insulated with wool, shearling, or any other warm and snuggly material.

3.         Traction
Winter is full of slippery ice patches, that’s why you need a pair of shoes with good traction. Look for soles with small studs and other friction points that grip onto surfaces. 

4.         Sustainable
Winter shoes are a long-term investment that should last through the years. Look for durable materials like natural rubber and nontoxic, recyclable vegetable-tanned leather that ages gracefully and becomes even better with time. You’ll find a bunch of these in our Made with Care collection.

The hiking boots

You’re the Bear Grylls of shoes. We’ll find you in the trails with a backpack on your back and a compass in hand. You love the wild pastures, quiet mountains, and the silent reflection of your own company. A happy camper with a soft spot for bonfires and late-night swims. 


Catchphrase: “Where to next?”

Which one are you? 

It is said that you can determine a person’s character by what shoes they wear. We’ve gathered our favourite winter shoes and profiled what they say about your personality.

Gore-Tex shoes

These are for the nature-loving adventurer. Most likely you’re a long-distance hiker, alpine trekker, or mountain climber with a love for the great outdoors. With high-performing technologies designed for an active lifestyle, Gore-Tex is the holy grail of Gorpcore. A loyal companion that will walk you through all paths of life – be it gravel, dirt, mud, or rocky terrain.

Adrenaline junkie
Nature lover

Catchphrase: “Let’s go.”

Combat boots

You’re probably too cool for school with a taste for alternative music. Stomping your way through muddy trails and school halls with your broken-in Dr. Marten’s and earphones plugged in. You’re simply too punk rock for this world. 


Catchphrase: “Whatever.”

Chelsea boots 

You’re an aspiring poet with a Spotify playlist full of ambient singer-songwriters. Sporting your Blundstones across town, dressed in an oversized black coat, secretly daydreaming of living in the countryside. The Chelsea boot goes back to the Victorian Era and has since then been beloved footwear among British mods in the 60s, and Australian farm workers. Of course, these ancestors quietly live through your boots, as you walk the path of life. 

Book nerd

Catchphrase: “I need to move to the countryside.”

Rain boots

You’re the Kate Moss of the group. Carefree, ethereal, and always ready to cause some trouble. Fearlessly stomping your way into festivals, ready to face muddy trails and a few rain showers. You match your knee-high hunter boots with denim shorts, oversized jackets, and the occasional dress. 

Rock ‘n’ roll

Catchphrase: “Louder!”

The ski boots

Your favourite vacay destination is Val d'Isere. We’ll find you swooshing down the powder white slopes in an elegant ski suit, with rosy cheeks and a smile on your face. You love early mornings, sporty activities, and après ski drinks. Always chirpy, positive, and up for a challenge – and yes you love to win.  

Winner mentality

Catchphrase: “Snooze you lose.”

Moon boots

You’re a part of the Y2K fashion cult with a love for all things internet culture. Instagram micro-influencer by day, anime lover by night. Fun fact: The Moon boot was created as apès ski wear in the 70s and became a retro-futuristic trend in the early 2000s. Once again, it’s making a comeback, revisited by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa. These space-inspired fluffy boots are a total statement only for the truly confident.

Micro influencer
Anime lover 

Catchphrase: “Are you on TikTok?”

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