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Behind the shoe: New Balance 574 

It’s timeless and utilitarian design is still going strong after three decades. Here is why the company’s most famous shoe has become a permanent fixture.

Now, having undergone many interpretations throughout the years with bold colours, innovative fabrics, and many collaborations, it is the minimalist good looks that have kept it ‘running’ for so long. What’s not to love about a shoe that is not only comfortable and looks good, but has created a whole subculture of its own that it takes a hold on you, so you just have to have it.


Thanks to its original running sensibilities combined with immaculate craftsmanship and detailing, timeless and utilitarian design, amazing functionality, and shape, it’s hard not to want to slip your feet into. Even though the styles have changed through the decades the shoe’s silhouette and quality have remained the same which keeps its loyal followers coming back for more. In the competitive sneaker market, this is the ultimate achievement for a brand let alone a particular style.

With an all-American heritage - its production taking place in Maine and Massachusetts – New Balance has always remained present in our hearts and minds. From the ‘80s tracksuits and neon colours to the grunge and rave movement of the ‘90s, the 574s easily transitioned to the hip-hop era of the noughties and now into today’s clean elevated streetwear. Search for any review on the shoe and you’ll be met with a stream of compliments from “sturdy yet lightweight’ to “they are always a great buy as they are so versatile.” A true classic that will always remain iconic whatever the interpretation.

When a shoe is as iconic as the New Balance 574, it’s no surprise that it has been in production for 30 years and has stood the test of time. While the company itself has been around since 1906, it’s hard to ignore the success story of the 574 training shoe. Since its original conception in 1988 where New Balance combined the best parts of two different sneakers to create the 574 and without hardly any advertising, it evolved from a running shoe into the first true go-anywhere sneaker.