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Editors letter – November

In a world that loves to spend and buy new things, sometimes it gets to a point when you just must spend less, and focus on quality rather than quantity, especially in these tougher financial times.

With Black Friday fast approaching on the 25th of November, while we all love a bargain, we also need to find innovative ways to spend a little less, save more, and yet live stylishly. “Live stylishly for Less”. With the cost of living at an all-time high, it feels fitting to consider the changes we can make to reduce our budgets, but also – we hope- provide some inspiration to do things differently.

In fashion this month, we highlight the key trends when it comes to party dressing with the top tips on how to style yourself for the festive season. You never know, you may already own that special party dress and all you need is a new bag or shoes to update the look for Christmas 2022. We show you how to build a capsule jewellry wardrobe that you’ll wear year after year, however much the fashion changes around you.

For beauty, we show you ways to create your own spa rather than paying out and visiting one, and with our step-by-step guide on how to do an at-home facial, you won’t need a therapist on speed dial either. With party season approaching, we give you some top hair and makeup tips for all those special occasions, whether it's dinner with friends or that big work party.

Finally, always think about the little ways you can be a bit thriftier and more creative, whether it's in your home, wardrobe, or beauty cabinet. Remember Live stylishly for Less.

Thank you for reading!
Sarah Wilson
Editor in Chief

Want to shop more sustainably? Visit our Made With Care category, where you will find styles that have a positive impact on workers, communities, and the environment. 

What I love this month…..

“The so-called lipstick index, coined by Estee Lauder’s Leonard Lauder, is the theory that lipstick sales rise in economic downturns. I’m going to tap into this theory and buy this new lippy by MAC. The best matte-but moisturising red that will instantly make the complexion sparkle when you wear it.”

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“Invest in a good coat and you’ll have it for years. I love this sporty puffer by 8848 Altitude, and I know I will wear it everywhere from the forest to the office.”

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