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From luxe leathers to super-sized puffers, cool colours and checks, there is a coat to suit everyone this winter.  Here’s how to buy the best coat. While you may be holding onto summer as much as you can, with cooler temperatures on the horizon, you will need a great coat. There’s something so luxurious and easy about a coat that you can slip into on your way out the door. Invest in the right one and it will last you season after season.


It must look good on you, and you should feel amazing in it. Don’t just pick a coat because it’s the style or colour of the moment, it should look great on your shape and suit you. 

Pick quality. 

Make sure you read the labels carefully. Look out for cheap acrylics and steer clear of polyester if you’re looking for something warm and snug as it’s a bad heat retainer. Instead go for wool, down, nylon and fleece.

When shopping for a coat, leave room for layers. 

You may try it on with a t-shirt but make sure that come winter when you’re wrapped in a chunky knit it will still have room to move. Buying a size larger than your normal clothing size may help.

Think of the occasion you are going to wear it. 

Is it for outdoor adventures, work, or evening? If you don’t have the budget for lots of coats, make sure you go for a versatile one that will take you through many occasions.

Make sure it has pockets. 

There’s nothing more annoying than having nowhere to put your hands when its biting cold outside. Plus, they are great for storing gloves and lip balm.

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