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How do I make a return?

Please note! A return handling fee of 6 € will be deducted per return.

Please note! offers returns within 30 days starting from the day you receive your order. All returned items must be in the original packaging and unused condition. Carefully pack the items in the reusable Boozt package it was delivered in.

Kindly remember to register your return online on your My Boozt account. Please do this as soon as possible, as missing registration can slow down the return process.

How to return with DHL:

1. Attach the DHL return label to the return parcel.
2. Hand in the parcel at the closest DHL Service Point or via local partner listed here. Remember to ask for a receipt when you leave the parcel to the distributor so that your parcel is insured. You should not pay anything when you leave the return parcel to the distributor, we only charge the return fee at our warehouse.

How to return with Budbee Box in Belgium:

1. You need to book the box for your return from Budbee through Budbee's app or sms link Budbee sent you prior to your delivery. There is no return label with Budbee Box returns.
2. When you have booked the return, the box will be reserved for you for two (2) hours. The code to open the box can also be found on the tracking link.
3. Open the box with the code and put the return parcel in. Don't forget to close the box! You will receive a sms from Budbee as soon as the parcel has been collected from the box to confirm your return.

Please note! If you use an alternative distributor to make your return, you are responsible for the return until it reaches our warehouse.

Please note that in case of a full return, only the amount for the standard delivery fee will be refunded. The difference for the additional fee for extra services such as home delivery will be kept as it is non-refundable.

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