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Summer may be in full swing with longer days and forgotten schedules, but as the school term approaches it can be difficult to remember everything the kids need. To make it easier for you and your kids, we have created a back to school checklist. Don’t forget to do the research and find out your kid's favourite colours, animals, and cartoon characters. And remember, clothes, shoes, and backpacks for school should be functional and practical but most of all fun. Happy back to school shopping!

Whatever the weather, your kids will always need outerwear for outdoor fun and schoolyard adventures. By choosing clothes in durable and weatherproof materials your kids can always splash in puddles and play around. So let your kid help you pick the brightest colours and make it fun to layer up in outerwear for the changing seasons.

Shoes and boots for school days should be comfortable, warm, and allow the feet to move and breathe. Sneakers suit all outfits and never go out of style and provide your kid's feet with support while running and playing. Lined Boots offer warmth on the colder days, while indoor shoes are ideal for playing in the classroom. Don’t forget waterproof shoes or rain boots as there will always be puddles to jump in.

Choosing a school bag is a special occasion, especially when it's the first one. Naturally, it's important to choose a backpack that is suited for your kid's daily needs, but it should also be large enough to contain all the essentials for the school day: books, a pencil case, lunch box, and secret treasures. Make sure it’s comfortable enough to carry everything and durable, because let's face it, it will have to go through a lot. Choose a backpack that fits your kid's body right. Choose a suitable size, as a small kid could end up with back pains if the school bag is too large and doesn't fit right. A good backpack should have adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt with padding, as well as paddings on the back and any other parts that come in contact with the body. This helps distribute the weight more evenly over a larger area. The centre of the bag should be at waist level.

For gym classes and other sports activities pick functional t-shirts, shorts, tights, and trousers that wick away moisture and allow the skin to breathe. Shopping for sports clothes for kids doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a good cotton t-shirt, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt, so they can move around and have fun.

The smaller things are easy to forget, but they're just as important. While you might not need gloves, hats, and scarves just yet, as the weather changes with rainy and windy days, these small accessories for kids are essential. Caps are a fun and sporty accessory that can be combined with many outfits and most kids love wearing a cool cap with a fun logo or pattern.

Kids grow so fast, so stay ahead of the game by stocking up on the items they have outgrown since last season. Keep the back to school shopping sustainable by giving away items that can still be used by other kids. By making small changes to our shopping and recycling habits, we can make a big difference when it comes to the environmental impact. Here on, we have a wide range of sustainable back to school clothes for kids that are made from recycled or organic materials to make shopping easier for you.

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